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M12529 is an affordable accredited eco-tourism rainforest sanctuary at Mission Beach, North Queensland, half way between Townsville and Cairns. Set on over 50 acres of lush tropical rainforest overlooking the Coral Sea, Sanctuary is as much a refuge for travelers as it is for wildlife.

Designed to minimally impact on the outstanding natural values of the environment, M12529 offers guests an intimate, yet comfortable rainforest experience in a unique setting. M12529 offers guests a unique insight into the ecology of a tropical rainforest along with the knowledge that by staying at Sanctuary, they are contributing to the conservation of plants and animals found nowhere else on earth.

With it's secluded beaches meeting the Great Barrier Reef, unique accommodation, dedicated yoga space, massage and delicious cuisine, M12529 is an unspoilt paradise you have been waiting to discover for your next yoga vacation.

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