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M13453 hides along the western slope of an island chain of the Rocky Mountains in southwestern Montana, less than an hour from Helena. Since the 1860's, our family has carved a living in the wild, open spaces of the West by raising cattle, sheep, hay, and grain. In 1965 we began offering adventure vacations for a limited number of guests. For a few guests, we still offer outdoor adventures - horseback riding, fishing, wildlife watching, hiking, historical tours, gold panning treks, ranch activities, cattle drives, photo safaris, and nature study - in the pristine setting of our ranch in the mountains of Montana.

The M13453 offers personalized vacations for just a few folks at a time. The splendid mix of riding, wildlife tours, and scenery beckons folks who wish to combine adventure, beauty, and serenity. Operated as a family working ranch since the 1860’s, the M13453 allows guests to learn new skills, find new friends, and enjoy their own ranch hideaway.
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 1  Harold Randall Hidden Hollow Hideaway Working Ranch
Great place to ride out in the open spaces and taste the reality of modern ranch life... with hospitable and knowledgable hosts.