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Welcome to the Hawkeye Buffalo Ranch. Hawkeye Buffalo Ranch is located on 500 acres of rolling hill and timber country in Northeast Iowa. Our family heritage dates back to 1854 when our great grandfather settled this land. Living in a sod house, those were the days when buffalo, wolves and elk still roamed this ranch. Our goal is to create a once in a lifetime experience which includes taking a buffalo. Now the buffalo have returned and we invite you to share in a historical and spiritual visit.

Free ranging buffalo are virtually non-existent in today's America. We do all we can to re-create a historic hunt of a lifetime. The emphasis of our hunts is on the historical and spiritual relationship, which existed between the hunter/Indian and the buffalo. We honor our buffalo by Native American traditions. Each hunt is preceded by a Sioux "smudge feather" ceremony. After taking your bull you perform a sacred Crow "tobacco" ceremony which guides the fallen bull on his way to the "Great Spirit Herd." Your experience continues with the blood marking ceremony in which you honor the bull you have taken.

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