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The guest houses date back to the 1800’s, although parts of them are much older, as indicated by the presence of medieval shooting embrasures. The buildings have been carefully restored in order to preserve their original charm and character. The guest houses are situated within spacious gardens, with storks nesting on nearby rooftops.

The guest houses are beautifully furnished with antiques in the Szekler and Saxon style. To ensure that our guests have a warm and comfortable stay, we have enhanced the original heating system (wood stoves). The bathrooms are luxuriously equipped and decorated. A sauna and a billiard room are also available for the guests to use. Children are very welcome and the guest houses are suitable for all ages.

Miklósvár is a remote village with little infrastructure, therefore we cannot (and do not wish to) claim technical perfection. There may be an occasional electricity failure; however, these are normally brief and rarely affect the enjoyment of our guests. The village streets remain unpaved and pot-holed, so can become dusty in the sun and muddy after the rain. There can be no denying the rustic charm and original character of the village, which offers an opportunity to step back in time.
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