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M13575 is a working cattle ranch. Life here follows the seasons and the rhythm of the herds. We rise with the sun, we work hard, and we relax under the stars of a fragrant prairie evening. Our guests experience the cowboy way-of-life, not from a helicopter or an air-conditioned truck, but from the cowpoke's best friend, the horse.

Since we began our operation in 1996, this peaceful spot in the river hills has welcomed guests for an intimate, real-life ranch experience of daily chores, hearty cowboy fare and plenty of fresh air. Some things may have changed down here at the ranch, but what always remain constant are the spectacular sunsets, the feel of the wind on your face as you ride the open range and the peace of mind only a cowboy can enjoy.

Feel the rhythms of the land. It will fill your heart and draw you back to this special place.

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