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Wolf Bay Lodge is the only fishing operation on Phelps Lake in northern Saskatchewan. The fishing on Phelps Lake is mainly for Northern Pike and Lake Trout. The Lake Trout average in the 5 to15 pounds, with many in the 20 to 40+ pounds, range. The Northern Pike are plentiful with many caught in the 48 to 50 inch range. All waters are managed regularly to ensure certain bays or areas are not being over pressured. Being the sole operation on the Phelps Lake, along with quality management, Wolf Bay Lodge will ensure top quality angling for many years to come.

Phelps Lake area hosts a wide diversity of wildlife and waterfowl. On its treeline border, many large mammals traverse the lands. Black bear, moose, caribou, and the trademark wolf are frequently seen. Each winter the Qamanirjuaq and Kimberly herds of barren land caribou merge and traverse the Phelps Lake area on their annual migration. The two herds combined are estimated at 400 to 600 thousand caribou. More elite species such as the polar bear and barrenland grizzly bear have also been known to pass through the area. Also residing in the area are countless species of small game such as martens, otters, red squirrels and wolverines. Each spring season Phelps Lake is inundated by flocks of waterfowl searching for their summer nesting sites. Loons, Canada geese, mergansers, bonaparte gulls, ospreys, bald & golden eagles are among some of the many species that inhabit the lake and surrounding area.

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