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Alaska’s Legend Lodge is located 250 miles Southwest of Anchorage on the Alaskan Peninsula in the world famous Bristol Bay Fishery. Each year millions of Salmon migrate up the rivers to spawn and die. Their eggs are deposited in the gravel river beds to begin a new life cycle. This provides fishermen with an incredible opportunity to fish not only for Salmon but also for the hordes of other species of fish which depend on their rich bounty of eggs and carcasses.

Legend Lodge specializes in fly fishing for trophy Rainbow Trout, Silver Rainbows, Silver Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, King Salmon, Char, Northern Pike, & Grayling in waters far away from the crowds of anglers that now populate some of Alaska’s other fisheries.

Legend lodge is please to offer cast and blast vacations in September. Hunting for ducks, ptarmigan and spruce grouse is available at no extra cost during the fall season. Ducks are hunted with decoys and a retriever dog over wild rice fields. Ptarmigan are hunted on the tundra. Spruce grouse are also found in the Intricate Bay area. There is little or no pressure on these birds and you will experience some exceptional hunting. Bring a 12 gauge shotgun. We do have additional guns available if needed.

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