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M13676 fronts on Port Fidalgo Inlet, one of the many remote and protected waterways in Prince William Sound. The area is surrounded by high rugged mountain peaks. Wildlife abounds here. Humpback whales, Gray whales, Orcas, Black Bears, Grizzly (Brown) Bears, porpoises, otters and a wide array of other flora and fauna live in the area.

The fishing here is fabulous. Fishin for ’feeder’ King Salmon is available in April and May. In late May/early June, Pink Salmon arrive by the millions, schooling in the bays in preparation for running up the coastal streams to spawn. The Pink Salmon fishing is good through mid July. In early July, the Silver Salmon (Coho’s) arrive and cruise the beaches and bays in large schools, waiting for the Pinks to clear out, so they can go upstream to spawn. Silver Salmon fishing runs through mid-September. From the Lodge, we fish for the salmon in the saltwater. They are still ocean- fresh and full of energy, having just arrived out of the Pacific Ocean and not having spawned yet. They are bright, powerful and tackle-busting. We recommend fly-fishing for Coho’s in the surf. You will never forget it.

In addition to the salmon fishing, we have great Halibut fishing close around the area of the lodge. There is also a large variety of other species to fish for, and they are sometimes hard to keep off your hook while Halibut fishing. Stalking the big Salmon Sharks which follow the salmon migrations up our inlet is a new and exciting aspect of fishing at Ravencroft.
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