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Our string of extremely well trained and well mannered Quarter Horses are available for you to ride during whichever week you pick over varying terrain at all speeds doing real cowboy work. No "head to tail" trail riding here! During Cowboy Adventure weeks, ride the range all day,then belly up to the bar, relax in our western saloon and swap wild west stories with the cowboys, fulfill your cowboy fantasy with expert instruction, step by step assistance in a fun, supportive environment. Our cattle ranch covers about 7,000 acres and cares for around 1000 cows and calves in Colorado's real ranch country. We are not a typical dude ranch or guest ranch resort, but a real working cattle ranch in full operation.

During Cowboy Adventure weeks guests become cowboys for the week as they assist us gathering cattle off the range, doctoring sicks, driving cattle, branding calves, checking water, salt and fences - whatever normal ranch activity is going on at the time of their visit. We have been offering this experience to guests since 1991 and the response has been overwhelming! This is what people are looking for. The opportunity to participate in real ranch work on a working cattle ranch yet have great accommodations, good food and extra amenities like our heated indoor swimming pool. Cowboy School occurs on summer afternoons when the morning cattle work is finished. It is the perfect place for you to improve your riding skills, learn to handle cattle and learn to rope. Cowboy School includes team penning, cutting, roping and other things cowboys do for fun. Cowboy School is progressive and builds in intensity and complexity as your skills and abilities improve.

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