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The view from M13768 is one of nature's masterpieces. From this perfect point of view on Mont-Pèlerin, the awe-inspiring panorama of the Swiss Riviera unfolds. To the left is the city of Montreux, the famed Castle of Chillon and the Rhône Valley. Below is the lakeside town of Vevey. And spread out in front of you, nestled by the Alps and bordered by France, is beautiful Lake Geneva.

Relaxation is the theme at M13768. Listen to the sounds of the countryside. The melodious birds of Mont-Pèlerin. The gentle tinkling of cowbells. The occasional chiming of a church bell. This meadowland symphony gives you a wonderful feeling of rejuvenation as your cares begin to melt away. Breath in the sweet, pure Swiss air.

Reminiscent of an elegant country manor, M13768 is located in the heart of Swiss wine country on Mont-Pèlerin - surrounded by acres of scenic vineyards, mountain pastures and wooded paths. Throughout M13768, luxurious furnishings and fine paintings have been combined with an extraordinary array of modern amenities to provide guests with an exceptionally comfortable and relaxing experience.

From January 2006 on, M13768 is the home of the Centre Medical Mirador, a centre specialized in biomolecular medicine.
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