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So you’ve traveled a bit and hit the typical tourist spots and now you’re seeking more out of your vacation: a nature connection. Perhaps the thought of river cottages, log cabins or some other rustic vacation home retreat beckons you; a campfire ring, cane poles and catfish, a deer or hawk in the camera frame, the silent paddle curl as the canoe cuts thru the morning mist, the hoot of the owl as night falls and the firefly backdrop as the ghost stories begin.

We love the natural energies of our wooded retreat vacation log cabin, river cottage and saltwater spring getaway, and invite you to recharge and reconnect: take in the natural beauty and rustic surroundings they offer; truly, a unique and refreshing departure from the condo, hotel, concrete, cookie-cutter track homes of the everyday tourist experience.

Florida has much nature to offer, and we invite you to a ringside seat: the deer you see here stood only 15 feet away from the log cabin back door, century oaks embrace the river cottage, and the saltwater lagoon connects directly to the Mason Creek inlet to the Gulf of Mexico at the springs retreat. Each of our Florida vacation rentals is located in the west central Florida Gulf coast area just north of Tampa Bay.

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 1  Cameron Hunt / Verified User Review
The property was very nice and clean. Love it.