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Wilson’s Sporting Camps offers Atlantic salmon fishing on the famous Miramichi River in New Brunswick. For almost a century and a half the Wilson family has been in the business of providing great Atlantic Salmon fly fishing, hunting and outdoors adventure to discriminating clients from around the world. We are located in the Miramichi River valley of New Brunswick, one of the most scenically beautiful places in Canada. A pristine, “just as God made it” place that offers some of the finest Atlantic Salmon fly-fishing and wing shooting on the North American continent.

The Miramichi is known as "the mother of all salmon rivers" for hosting the largest runs in the world of Atlantic salmon, "the king of game fish". Wilson’s owns and leases more private water on the Miramichi than any other outfitter or individual - a total of 16 pools, many of then among the rivers finest, which means that we can provide our clients with Atlantic Salmon fishing virtually unmatched for variety and quality in all of Atlantic Canada.

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