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M13909 is a small luxury private island, secluded with an untouched natural splendour, a remote haven surrounded by white sand, lush rainforest and crystalline coral reefs. From the moment you arrive, stepping off the seaplane, you feel the romance and adventure of the South Pacific and the ultimate experience diving on the Great Sea Reef.

You indulge in exquisite dining with superlative cuisine, prepared from fresh local produce. A delicious abundance of seafood is caught daily. With individual and personalized service, M13909 sets new standards in laid-back luxury. This is the perfect South Seas escape, a time to relax with your partner and pamper each other.

Let our boys guide you through a fisherman’s paradise. M13909 has all the gear required for success. Sport fishing – Charter one of our two fully equipped sport fishing boats and go outside the Great Sea Reef for the really big ones! Salt water fly fishing – Whether you stand on the beach or take the punt and cast around the mangroves, you are sure to enjoy this increasingly popular style of fishing. Bring your own lures or select from M13909’s proven range.

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