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M13913 is just 150 meters away from the most important entrance on the south side of the Kruger National Park - Malelane Gate - and is the ideal place for the whole family. It is located on the Nkomazi Tourist, The Wild Frontier, in Mpumalanga. The Hotel is set amongst wonderful gardens and has a fantastic view over the Crocodile River where hippos and other wildlife abound. The Crocodile River borders the Kruger National Park.

The Kruger National Park has almost 2,000 km of roads and 6 permanent rivers that cross the savannah within the park. It is home to a vast number of different animals and countless species of all kinds. It is the habitat of countless species, and tourists here will have the ideal opportunity to observe at close quarters the "Big 5" - the Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhinoceros, not to mention 336 types of tree, 49 species of fish, 114 types of reptiles and 507 species of birds, and innumerable giraffe, monkeys, zebras and antelopes.

9km from the Lodge is the town of Malelane which developed as a result of the building of the railway line that was started in 1828 to link the old Transvaal to Maputo as this was an independent port. In 1884 the Portuguese started building the line in their colony. Due to various occupations and wars the line could only be completed in 1894, and the then President Paul Kruger opened the “Oosterlijn”.

M13913 is an hour drive from Swaziland and two hours from Maputo, making it an ideal location to visit 3 countries in one day! The cosmopolitan city of Nelspruit is a 45km drive and offers a wide range of shops. The Lodge is a wonderfully relaxing location where you will scarcely hear the animals but have the opportunity to be surrounded by Nature.

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