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M13988 in the Seychelles is a haven for nature and man. This remote, privately owned nature reserve is home to rare birds and breeding turtles, offering an exclusive tropical island experience combined with complete privacy. Guests take time to marvel at the simple things in life; the shape of a cloud, the sound of palm trees swaying in the warm breeze, the pleasure of leaving the only set of footprints along the dazzling sugar white beach.

M13988 has always been a uniquely valuable haven to the flora and fauna of the Seychelles. The island has escaped the introduction of alien mammals - a curse, which has befallen so many of its neighbors over the last centuries - and as a result, the delicate web of endemic bird life and supporting flora and fauna has remained intact. With an area of only 25 hectares, M13988 is one of the smaller of the granitic islands, and is situated approximately 6km off the west coast of Praslin. The island has been privately owned for 13 years and has been transformed into a private nature reserve through a systematic rehabilitation program; replanting of endemic trees and plants and the establishment of colonies of Seychelles endemic birds. M13988 still has the enviable status of being the only island in the Seychelles archipelago totally free of alien mammals. Hawksbill and Green turtles nest on M13988’s shores, with approx. 14,000 Hawksbill Turtle hatchlings being released per breeding season (Nov-Mar).

M13988 opened its doors to guests in 2000, offering an exclusive island experience with complete privacy and escape found in very few places on earth. The guests on the island are far from intrusive; in fact a symbiotic relationship has been developed whereby the very presence of people on the island is of key importance to its life balance, by staying on M13988 the guests contribute to the funding needed to secure its future. In the guests’ information pack, it is stated that “tourism development is the only revenue generating activity purely to ensure the long-term sustainability of conservation.”

This unique integration of nature and man is highly innovative and has been made possible by the passion and generosity of the owner of M13988 who wishes to share this eco haven with visitors and preserve it for many generations to come. In order to protect the delicate ecosystem, M13988 prefers guests to arrive by helicopter thus ensuring against the introduction of any alien species. A maximum of 8 guests are accommodated at any one time to guarantee the luxury of privacy and total exclusivity. The guests share the island with its natural inhabitants, offering some of the closest encounters with nature in the Seychelles, possibly the world. As the Island’s creatures have no alien predators, they have no fear of humans and often one has the feeling of not knowing quite who is watching who!

On M13988, it is possible to live for a time in another sort of world: the sort of world Seychelles was before the arrival of man, yet with every comfort modern man enjoys. M13988 – a conservation success story offering a unique opportunity for escapism of the highest order with a degree of privacy almost impossible to find in the 21st Century. M13988 offers Single Villa Rentals or Exclusive Island Rentals, Honeymoon and Wedding Packages are available and all rates are on FB.

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