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M14213 inn and the historic M14213 Kanteen reflect the style, camaraderie, and hospitality of Captain O’Keefe, and his time in Yap’s History. David Dean O’Keefe, one of the Pacific's legendary figures, departed Savannah, Georgia and eventually arrived in Yap in 1872 and soon established his elegantly furnished home on the little island of Tarang in the main harbor, the remains of which can still be seen today.

He opened M14213 Kanteen, a small store and bar for local residents at its present location circa 1874. This Irish-American adventurer accepted copra for the transport of Yapese Stone Money from Palau and this enabled him to obtain power in the islands and wealth in the Hong Kong market for over 30 years. Captain O’Keefe disappeared at sea in July 1901 on a return trip from Hong Kong.

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