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Fragrant herbs. Warm oils. Healing massage. Hands enfold you. Steam envelops you. Aromatic baths surround you. Head massages stimulate nerve centers, opening the senses. Herbal poultices nourish the skin. Full body treatments lead you on journeys of total relaxation.

Part transcendental, part therapeutic, Ayurveda fuses centuries of knowledge in a detailed healing art and science. M14435's Ayurvedic specialists individualize treatments and rejuvenation programs to the health, lifestyle and desires of every guest.

Transform your holiday with a complete Ayurvedic retreat. Or choose a selection of treatments to complement your experience as you explore Sri Lankan culture with M14435 Resorts. Discover the Ayurvedic Spa Centers at : M14435 - An Ayurvedic spa surrounding guests in nature. Ayurvedic resort allowing guest to visit the attractions of Sri Lanka 's Culture Triangle, followed by soothing traditional treatments.

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