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M14578 is owned by Geoff and Debs from England, we welcome everybody from the non-divers, the novice diver and the qualified licensed divers from any organization, to dive in Tenerife. Diving in Tenerife, is an experience not to be missed. Tenerife diving has the best diving in the Canary Islands.

I have dived over the years in many parts of he world, but Scuba diving in Tenerife has to be one of the best European, maybe world best diving areas. Tenerife has reefs, drop offs, swim trough's, wrecks, cave, drift dives not to be missed and marine life that puts the Mediterranean to shame. Under water visibility when you dive Tenerife, rarely drops below 20 meters, water temperature a nice 25/6c in summer, and a still balmy 18/9c in the winter. Tenerife scuba diving is all year round, and the activities for the none diver are superb. Tenerife scuba diving is not to be missed.

We have qualified P.A.D.I. and B.S.A.C. Diving Instructors, working together so that we can appeal to everyone. All qualifications, insurance updates and air testing certificates are on display in our center and forwarded to anybody who requests this information. When seeking a diving education always carefully evaluate the Diving Instructor and the certification agency endorsing the instructor. You must be confident in the experience and reputation of your instructor. Together and with our staff we are the most experienced team of Tenerife Diving Instructors available. We know the waters and we know where to dive and when to dive Tenerife.

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