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M14604 is a bure (cottage) style resort loacted on the Coral Coast. The Coral Coast is one of the biggest coral reef systems in the world. Hideaway is a family owned and operated Resort and has been operated by the Wade family since 1985. M14604 is located in a former coconut plantation and has almost one kilometere of beachfront.

This is the island of Fiji - a place of Romance and mystery, of beauty and ceremony, of colour and emotion. This experience will show you the Fiji that the books were written about; the real Fiji that often hides itself behind a veneer of 20th Century Western sophistication.

You will begin to fully appreciate the inherent grace and dignity of Fiji and the Fijian people as you involve yourself - even if only for a short time - in the rich cultural and scenic splendour of our islands - a land of ageless traditions, of ritual and secrets, of subtle rhythms and haunting melodies, of mysterious hidden forces. M14604 is a genuine wish by the Fijian people to share with you some of the wonderful sights, sounds and tastes of our amazing homeland. People call it "The Island of the Gods". We call it home.

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