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M14706 provides advice on courses and corporate services of languages, mainly English. We have now included Spanish for foreigners. This service takes place in-companies and also at our school, exclusively to adults who belong to the business field.

Our school is successful because we follow the Communicative Approach, that means we work with real, everyday life situations taken from internet, video, films, audio, lyrics, newspaper, magazines and our teachers are either native or local. As a consequence, our students’ learning process is very productive enabling them to learn as if they were taking an English Course in an English speaking country.

Registrations are opened all year round, and the School program has 4 modules after which, having attained the specific level, the students sit for a test. That makes it easy for the students to join a Course at any time of the year. The School is also opened in summer providing intensive courses.

Apart form the lessons, SWITCH provides benefits, such as: E-switch newsletter, to encourage extra reading practice, a storytelling CD for extra listening practice, and at our premises, there is a library with plenty of material to consult or borrow. Students never miss a class even though they may be absent, as there is a “making-up for the class” system. There is also coaching online to clear any doubts and an agreement with a local bookstore to purchase material with a significant discount.

M14706 is very much in close contact with its students, that is why we feel proud of the service we can offer, as it is really personalized and tailor-made. Headmistress, Mara France García, is in constant awareness of the importance of an up-dating and improvement of the service we give, paying close attention to every detail being backed up by a qualified and committed team work.

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