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At M14751, we have been teaching Spanish to students from all over the world since 1993. We pride ourselves on our friendly and relaxed study atmosphere, and do our best to make your time with us as fun as it is profitable. All of our teachers are specially trained second language teachers, all Mexicans, but they all also speak fluent English, necessary sometimes to explain some concepts. We are happy to help you plan day trips to the surrounding villages and archeological sites and also weekend trips to the jungle or to Palenque, visiting waterfalls and going on boat tours. There are many, many places to visit!

Our aim at M14751is to make your stay with us as successful and pleasant as possible. That means: High quality language classes, providing Mexican families where you feel comfortable and giving you any assistance you need regarding travel, leisure, and other personal needs. We rely on you, the students, to give us feedback, whether you are happy with your teachers, your family, or whatever else you need. You may change any arrangements until you feel that this is the language learning experience you want for yourself. So, please talk to us.

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