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Base of operations: Australia
M14806 operates the charter boat 'Sri Noa Noa', based in Bali, catering to both cruising and surfing clients. The company is owned by Stuart Horstman, who is also a partner in Freeline Indonesian Surf Adventures, a successful surf travel business operating since 1992. The 'Sri Noa Noa' has been operating in the waters between Bali and Timor since 1985.
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Questions and Answers
M14806 operates the charter boat 'Sri Noa Noa', based in Bali, catering to both cruising and surfing clients.

1. How long has the business been operating and how did it start?

Sri Noa Noa has been operating as a charter boat since the early 90's. She was built in Bali in 1977 by Frenchman Philippe Petiniaud, an ex-Olympic sailor who fell in love with the archipelago and sailed the region for 25 years. The first charter happened by chance when two Hawaiian surfers, desperate to find a boat for exploration, made an offer too good to refuse. In 1998 Philippe sold the boat to Australian Mark Taplin who continued running charters until 2002, when the current owner, Stuart Horstman bough her. Stuart, also co-owner of Freeline Indonesian Surf Adventures, had been marketing Sri Noa Noa surf trips for 3 years before Mark put her up for sale. "The feedback from our customers was always fantastic" say Stuart. Heri, the captain of Sri Noa Noa, was trained by Philippe and maintains the high levels of service Philippe set almost 30 years ago.

2. What is your company's mission?

To show our customers the incredibly beautiful eastern Indonesian archipelago and give them a boating experience of a lifetime, whether it be surfing or cruising.

3. What does your company specialize in?

Small group charters to destinations throughout the Eastern Indonesian Archipelago, from Bali all the way east to West Timor. We take a maximum of 6 guests, so it's always groups of family and friends. Our trips are personalised to the interests and needs of each group, rather than following set programs that the larger boats follow. Also our crew is Indonesian, so our guests get a special insight in to the life and culture of the region.

4. Who is the founder or owner of the company and briefly describe his/her past activities?

As mentioned above Stuart Horstman is the current owner. Stuart, a keen surfer, first traveled to Indonesia in 1993 where he met Nev Hines, founder of Freeline Indonesian Surf Adventures. In 1997 Stuart became business partners with Nev, looking after sales, marketing and administration. Stuart, based just south of Sydney, Australia, has traveled extensively throughout Indonesia and spends 3-4 months each year in Indonesia on travel business. Back home he also works as a business management consultant.

5. What is your most popular travel package and why?

For surfers it's the Rote-Sumba charter - it's remote with excellent uncrowded waves, excellent fishing and unique cultural experiences. For cruisers, it's the Komodo Marine National Park. Every day is like living in a National Geographic documentary. Amazing wildlife, snorkeling, and as far as the eye can see, uninhabited islands surrounded by crystal clear water.

6. What is the best compliment you received from a client?

We had a fantastic time and enjoyed every minute of it. The boat is very comfortable and well equipped and Heri, Budi & Yosi were superb. Heri as a skipper made us feel relaxed and we had full confidence in him. We so enjoyed the trip that we would love to consider another in the future. Best wishes and many thanks for letting us stay on the Sri Noa Noa for what genuinely was for our family, a holiday of a life time. Kate Turnbull (Komodo Cruise, August 2011)

Vacation Packages offered by supplier M14806
"Sri Noa Noa" Adventure Cruises
Sri Noa Noa takes small groups of family & friends on leisurely, sun-soaked cruises through tropical islands between Bali and Timor. Swim, sail, dive & relax. We can plan the ideal itinerary for you.

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USD 1155 / Per person
Tour Package
Boating and Sailing
Duration: 3 - 8 days
Season: January - November

"Sri Noa Noa" Komodo Cruise
Cruise around the Komodo National Marine park, home of the Komodo Dragon! Amazing landscapes, pristine snorkeling, nature walks, fishing and relaxing. A unique place and a unique adventure.

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USD 1700 / Per person
Tour Package
Boating and Sailing
National Parks
Duration: 6 - 10 days
Season: January - December

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