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Encounters Nepal comprises a team of experienced professionals who have in the past 8 years worked for a range of trekking agencies. We have launched an agency so that we can deliver our own exceptional standard of service; something we believe has become diluted in the explosion of trekking agencies available in Kathmandu alone. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail. Nepal is a magical place and we want to ensure that you experience is the best it can be. This means delivering the type of trip you want. Whether you plan to take your time exploring or if you have limited time and a demanding trek to conquer, you can rest assured that we are genuinely friendly, reliable and always professional. Many of our customers return to Nepal. We consider their repeat booking with us a testament to our exceptional service.

How else do we differ from the competition? Unlike many other agencies we insure our guides, porters and Sherpas and pay them well. We also take environmental responsibilities seriously. We consider ourselves to be committed to the principles of eco-tourism and have started a number of initiatives to demonstrate this commitment. Firstly we provide you with drinking water on all treks ensuring that your impact on the environment is minimized. An increase in used mineral water bottles found along some routes has become an issue in some areas! Secondly, we allocate at least 5% of our profits to local charities. This means that you are contributing directly to the development of communities who might otherwise not have benefited from your visit. We won't stop there. We're continually looking to introduce new ways of working to improve the quality of life for as many Nepali people as possible. We encourage other trekking agencies to adopt some of our principles and we lobby all 3 Tourism Associations to ensure that our precious resources are protected for visitors to appreciate well into the future.

Travelers thought they would done sufficient homework before they left the country. Thought the choice of trekking agency would be easy but when they arrived in Kathmandu, there were hundreds of agencies to choose from, all offering pretty much the same. Then they found an Encounters Nepal.com. At last all the boxes ticked. All they wanted was a responsible agency that wasn't going to rip them off and would act on its claim of being an eco-tourism service provider! Encounters Nepal.com exceeded them expectations. They knew what they were getting, there were no hidden extras, them guide was informative and resourceful, the staff were insured and so was them porter! Them were supplied with drinking water, which not only saved them a bundle of cash; they were delighted that they were not adding to Nepal's own Bottle Mountain! Most importantly, we are professional and they could trust us. We guaranty for a 100% Eco-tourism service.

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