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We are a small team of enthusiastic people from different nationalities that started exploring the jungles of the Mundo Maya in 1996. Almost a decade worth of Mayan jungle exploring later, M14900 was created to help protect and preserve the Mayan rains forest through off-the-beaten-path experiences in the Mayan world.

Our goal is to have active travelers explore the Mayan jungle and experience emotional, physical and intellectual growth. Using bicycles and canoes we have been able to travel ever so deeper into the Mayan jungle. This way we are able to get to beautiful, sometimes very remote ancient Mayan sites. Our idea is to make these remote adventures accessible in fun, active ways.

But these aren't just physical trips. It's been our experience with these tours that the jungle changes one's perspective of life: emotionally and intellectually. After a few nights of crisp, clean air and mystical encounters with the jungle’s intense sights, smells and noises you simply relax and start seeing life in a most positive way. What we want to share is a more traditional, everlasting lifestyle, in which nature is our teacher and we learn new things daily. Furthermore it is very important to us to be environmentally aware and therefor our tours are always eco-friendly. One of our main purposes for these tours is to bring tourism to communities that most need it.
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 1  Lori Coolidge / This trip was just what the doctor ordered
This trip was just what the doctor ordered - a momentary escape from the world we know. A fusion of culture, education and athletics with a guide to make it all comprehensible along the way. No TV, No Radio, No distractions and certainly no time to miss any of it. (that is if you are not tempted to visit the internet cafes along the way). So, get lots of sleep because you’re going to need it - this journey is for the mind, body and soul.

 2  martin moller / This tour has exceeded my expectations
We are a group of three who went on a Duende tour from Mexico though Belize to Guatemala. It has been a very exciting tour covering the Maya ruins in Tikal, exploration of a cave used by the Mayans, and a three-day canoe tour into the jungle of Guatemala. The canoe tour went into a protected part of the jungle, which allowed us to experience the wildlife and see less shy animals -especially groups of monkeys. During the 8 days we were acompanied by two guides from Duende and local guides with special knowledge ... view more about each individual area. This tour has exceeded my expectations and the fact that we were a relatively small group allowed for focusing on the things we found most interesting and taking care of our individual wishes for the tour.

 3  mary / I’ll be recommending it to everybody!
I had a wonderful time on the Ruins, Canoe and Cave Tour. Chantal, Ismael and Lou are obviously passionate about providing an authentic cultural experience and opportunities to explore the really astonishing and beautiful nature of the area. Though there was a lot of physical activity, I always felt my guides were concerned for my comfort and enjoyment. It seemed less like I was traveling with a tour company and more like I was taking a trip with friends.

I’ll be recommending it to everybody! Also ... view more super cool: no single travelers supplement. I really appreciate that.

 4  Elliot Wasser / Fantastic tour!
Fantastic tour! With only a short allotment of available time our guides ensured that everything ran smoothly, allowing us to fit in numerous activities without feeling rushed. This would be a feat anywhere – but is downright remarkable in Central America.
Elliot, USA – March 2007

 5  Jay Pathmanathan / An incredible and surreal experience that will amaze you...
From the moment we contacted M14900, we knew we were in expert hands. With only a few weeks to go before our trip, they were able to organize a tour for us that included everything we wanted (even though we were only two people). They answered all of our questions immediately and the guides themselves answer most emails, rather than a customer service rep. They even helped with many of the arrangements for the trip (although there’s not a lot you’ll need to do, as most of the planning is done by the tour ... view more group). And whether you’re a weekend warrior or an Ironman, everything is adaptable to your skill/fitness level. As for the actual tour? An incredible and surreal experience that will amaze you. Biking through the jungle, remote Mayan ruins that few people will actually see (let alone touch), rowing across a crocodile filled lake in the dark of night… Take pictures, but as amazing as they’ll be, they can never do the experience justice. Even camp dinners are gourmet meals (believe it or not, the food you’ll eat by a campfire in the jungle is better than what you’ll find in the finest restaurants in Cozumel!). Our tour guides even helped negotiate down the prices on some of the amazing woodwork you can find in the local Guatemalan towns. M14900 provides the kind of experience most people will only see on television. And by visiting as an ecotourist, you’ll be supporting the local economy in ways that help sustain the environment.
The down side? A Duende Tour might be a steal now, but this amazing tour group is guaranteed to become increasingly popular and increasingly harder to book. While you can, take advantage of this rare opportunity…
Jay Pathmanathan, MD, PhD -USA, March 2007

 6  Janelle and Jeremy / a wonderful Mayan adventure
A wonderful Mayan adventure with a brilliant guided tour of Tikal. We will never forget holding a crocodile and being up close with toucans and howler monkeys. Thank you Chantal and everyone at M14900 for a memorable experience.
Janelle and Jeremy, Australia- February 2007