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Our company clearly says what it does and has the right ring of adventure. There's no mistaking it for any other company, either. The owners Vu The Anh (also known as Tuan Anh WU and/or Anh WU) has had nearly 15 years experience and Nguyen Ngoc (also known as Knock, speaks both English and French) has been guiding for over 10 years. Our company will remain 100% Vietnamese run and owned. When you travel with us, you are not just a customer but also a friend. Unlike overseas-based tourism companies, every dollar you spend on the trip stays in Vietnam. We don't have fancy overseas offices or pay high commissions. We believe in putting the money back into the Vietnamese community.

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 1  Bob McWhorter / Vietnam Motorcycle Touring
An excellent adventure, a great An excellent adventure, a great variety of mountain roads, passes, driving in the clouds, roads from trails, rain, mud, water buffalo, dogs, chickens and many local people to smile and wave to. Sometimes the roads were closed temporarily, we had light drizzle but it was ok. The trails were excellent, and they were a challenge but well worth the effort. We had 2 Minsks and 1 Honda, each had its own features and I traded off on the Honda and Minsk. Holger and myself discussed ... view more another tour next year.

Full name: Bob McWhorter
Address: St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.