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InfoHub supplier since Sep 2006!
Base of operations: Portugal
Powered by your passion for travel, our company was born to offer you authentic experiences in the most exclusive places in Portugal taking you to the most historic and wild landscapes in the country.

Portugal is a treasure chest of deep valleys, enchanting mountain ranges, charming villages and unique traditions – and we know the best way to explore them all is at your very own pace through the backroads of the country’s most stunning landscapes. To do that, we use our extensive expertise to design completely custom-made road cycling, walking and mountain biking tours that fit perfectly into your needs and preferences.

Discovering Portugal with us means you will travel in a small group (6-12 people), allowing you to stay in unique and special places away from the tourist crowds. It means getting a first-class service with our dedicated guides. And it means having the time to interact with locals, immerse yourself in Portuguese culture and enjoy the best of your favorite activity, whether that’s walking or biking, in a breath-taking scenery.

Since the company’s founding in 2006, our team has been dedicated to offering world travelers a fully professional service that leaves unique and unforgettable memories. Our entire team is deeply passionate about Portugal, travel and the outdoors. When we’re not guiding a new group tour, you’ll find us exploring our own country to ensure we can take you to the secret places only locals know about.

Today, we offer a wealth of guided and self-guided tours on our website – all of which are fully customizable according to your preferences and needs. Whatever you choose to explore in Portugal, when you travel with us you know we will only take you to the places we like to go.
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Questions and Answers
Powered by your travel passion!

1. How long has the business been operating and how did it start?

When the company founder was traveling in Himalaya on his single speed bike, trekking in the remote areas of Patagonia, road cycling back roads in Portugal or simply enjoying chatting with old shepherds, he realized that he would love to share this wonderful places and experiences with others. From this dream to the company we know today was a small step. When he found partners with the same motivation, the right skills and experience, they did not hesitate and founded this company. In 2006 we've became a small, but fully professional company dedicated to provide world travelers with unique experiences! Powered by your travel passion, we prepare very special road cycling, hiking and mountain biking tours all around the world. We believe these are the ways to take the most from a trip, as one can have a close contact with nature and local culture, always at a relaxed rhythm.

2. What is your company's mission?

Offer dream trips to our favourite places, offering the best of Portugal and rest of the world in terms of active tourism in bicycle or by foot, assuring the greatest comfort, promoting the contact with authentic realities, supporting the appreciation and enjoyment of nature and world cultural heritage and at the same time encouraging their protection by the awareness and consciousness of travellers. Assure a superior quality of services and safety in any part of the world, through knowledgeable and responsible guides, with excellent level of English and using the latest available technologies as a complement to direct experiences.

3. What does your company specialize in?

We are specialized in walking / trekking, road cycling and Mountain biking tours and expeditions

4. Who is the founder or owner of the company and briefly describe his/her past activities?

Pedro co-founded M14951 in 2006. Born in Portugal, in 1970 his main passions are traveling and sports, specially cycling. The two of them together make him a happy man. He has a university degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Spatial and Environmental Planning but he has spent his life avoiding turning into a computer geek. That’s why after several other entrepreneurship projects he co-founded this company - to work in what he loves to do. Among other things in his background he has ten years guiding groups in Portugal and leading mountain biking and trekking expeditions in places like the Himalayas, Morocco or Patagonia. When not guiding, he is lead consultant in Nature Tourism Development project in the company's Consulting department. For fun he competed in the Portuguese Adventure Racing Team that was national champion for 2 years. Pedro speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish and French fluently and try not to forget the 9 words in Russian he knows...

5. What is your most popular travel package and why?

Western Portugal, Óbidos to Fátima is one of our most popular travels. In a week tour, you can visit UNESCO heritage sites, Medieval villages, the beautiful Europe's west coast and above all cycle in quite backroads and enjoy the famous Portuguese cuisine. All of this for a very reasonable price.

6. What is the best compliment you received from a client?

"Tremendous riding, great guides, wonderful places to stay, it truly was the best cycling trip I have taken." Ken Golden, USA

Vacation Packages offered by supplier M14951
Self-Guided Walking Tour in Rota Vicentina, Portugal
The Vicentine Route is a network of walking trails in Sw Portugal.

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EUR 690 / Per person
Tour Package
Walking Tours
Duration: 8 days
Season: January - December

Biking Tour from Porto to Lisbon, Portugal (Guided or Self-Guided)
Cycle along the Atlantic coast, starting from Porto towards Lisboa! Enjoy the sunny West coast of Europe. Visit Porto UNESCO heritage city and taste the worldwide famous Port wine.

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EUR 1590 / Per person
Tour Package
Bicycle Touring
Duration: 8 days
Season: January - December

Bike Tour at Azores, Portugal (Self-Guided)
Enjoy this self guided cycling holidays at Terceira, known as the Lilac Isle, so called because of its captivating pastel sunsets, is a vibrant place of people, culture and colour.

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EUR 750 / Per person
Tour Package
Bicycle Touring
Duration: 7 days
Season: January - December

Reviews and Comments
No. Rating By / Subject

 1  Susan Boyer / Alentejo Bicycling Tour Portugal
You surpassed our expectations with very personal attention, great routes, good bikes, and fun guides. Would definitely recommend them for cycling in Portugal.

 2  Melanie Kitchen / Bike Tour Alentejo - May 2009
This trip worked for spouses of differing biking ability because of the excellent daily van support. My bike trip days with a spouse who is a much stronger rider are not over yet! You have converted me to the added value of guided bike tours over doing it ourselves.

 3  Ron Kitchen / Bike Tour Alentejo - May 2009
By the third day all of us had learned the words to a Swedish children's song with the chorus "We're so happy, we're so happy!" We all sang along, complete with hand gestures. Pedro and Nuno, joined in. We were relaxed, willing to be silly and thoroughly enjoying the trip.

 4  Louise Krivel / Bike Tour Alentejo Coast & Hills of Algarve - Set. 2008
This trip was unbelievable...a very special experience!

 5  Paul Williams / Bike Tour Alentejo Coast & Hills of Algarve - Set. 2008
The hotels you chose were all equally unique and charming.

 6  Elizabeth Bennett / Walking - The Northeastern Portuguese Caminho
Our guides were terrific-they took such good care of us and shared so much of themselves.

 7  Lynn Pilgrim / Trekking - Tour Mont Blanc
We laughed a lot!

 8  Ross Bonetti / Bike Tour Alentejo Coast & Hills of Algarve - Set. 2008
Best holiday I have ever had !!
The part of Portugal that our guides Pedro and Marco lead us through is a amazing unspoiled part of Europe with beautiful meandering roads that seemed like they were our own.
The riding was challenging and very enjoyable with great stops to view the historical sites along the way.
The hotels they chose because of their very different surroundings and aesthetic made the trip so wonderfully eclectic and every meal was outstanding.

 9  Melissa Bonetti / Bike Tour Alentejo Coast & Hills of Algarve - Set. 2008
If your looking for challenging road riding with amazing views, great food, and phenomenal accommodations you have to do the Alentejo Coast and Hills of Algarve with Pedro and the A2Z Adventures.
He took care of everything for us and even though the rides were a challenge we all felt extremely relaxed because Pedro did all the organizing and in a group that is a huge responsability.
The trip went by way to fast!!! Amazing photos and memories to keep forever.

 10  Geoffrey Glotman / Bike Tour Alentejo Coast & Hills of Algarve - Set. 2008
Everything you did exceeded my expectations from getting picked up at the airport without asking, providing unbelievable biking routes and maps, great unique hotel experiences to being great people too spend a week with.
I would recommend this trip too any bike rider looking for fun and adventure.
The Tour de Portugal was absolutely fantastic and far exceeded my expectations!

 11  Michel Chiaramello / Walking - Historical Villages of Portugal
A superb voyage through these splendid preserved villages.

 12  Renata Falzoni / MTB - 540km Historical Portuguese Trail
ADOREI TUDO NESSA VIAGEM e Portugal foi antes de tudo uma linda supresa. Encontrei-me com as nossas origens e que prazer!Quero voltar em breve, para pedalar mais por aí e ter mais tempo para gravar as festas e danças regionais, que tanto me lembraram o Pará e o Nordeste do Brasil.

 13  Pedro Trindade / MTB - 540km Historical Portuguese Trail
A organização do passeio foi muito bem planejada, nos hoteis também o atendimento foi como esperávamos. Você e o Pedrosa, além de profissionais competentes e cultos, foram sempre pacientes e amáveis com toda a turma, então só me resta dar os parabéns. Merecem menção especial os amigos que fizemos também.

 14  Gary Fisher / MTB - 540km Historical Portuguese Trail
The worst part was leaving the tour. I had a great time and can not refrain for telling everyone who will listen about it!.
A2Z Adventures is a great company.

 15  Megan Roworth / MTB - 540km Historical Portuguese Trail
The week was a blast! I found the hospitality great, and the countryside fascinating.

 16  Mário Gaspar / Trekking - The Berbere Route, Morocco
Foi uma experiência muitíssimo interessante; a nível cultural, paisagístico, religioso e gastronómico. Gostámos muito. A vossa companhia (A2Z) e a companhia de todos os colegas de expedição foi também muito agradável.
Estamos já ansiosos pela próxima....

 17  Rebecca Rand / Walking - The Northeastern Portuguese Caminho
The tour was really wonderful. A big part of thee charm right now is seeing no other travelers and how friendly everyone is and apparently glad to see us.

All of the meals were quite good. I loved Anna's and Amelia's cooking and also the night we got the bonus codfish dish. None of the meals would I rate subpar. Sharing a bottle of wine, conversation and coffee made them
all celebratory.

 18  Vanda Manahan / Walking - The Northeastern Portuguese Caminho
These hikes exceeded my expectations. You’ve introduced me to the most fascinating corners of an intriguing country with so much to offer in culture, history, architecture, and natural beauty. I am reading Saramago’s Journey to Portugal now and I’ll begin his novels soon. I hope to dance again in Monsanto next May.

Many, many thanks, and best wishes.

 19  Nancy Williams / Walking - Tejo and Historical Villages of Portugal
Portugal is an undiscovered treasure - the Historic and Schist villages offer fascinating glimpses of times long past, and warm and friendly people.

 20  Jim Verdier / The Great Pyrenees Challenge bike tour
Spectacular scenery, challenging climbs, excellent hotels, a great guide, and a very cool GPS on the bikes.