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M15119 provides both intensive and long-term individual practical classes plus distance learning (on-line lessons) in Bulgarian language for foreigners.

Our qualified and experienced tutors are:

Boris Angelov used to be an assistant professor in Bulgarian language and literature at the University of Plovdiv “Paisii Hilendarski” (2000-2006). He is a PhD candidate in Methodology of Literary Education at the same university. He is the author of “Critical Stories”. He speaks English and Russian.

Erna Angelova has a Master’s Degree from the University of Plovdiv “Paisii Hilendarski” in Bulgarian philology with a specialization in linguistics. She speaks English, Russian and Armenian.

Liliya Ivanova has a PhD in Comparative Grammar of Slavonic Languages and she is an assistant professor at the University of Plovdiv “Paisii Hilendarski”. She speaks English, Polish and Russian.

Ivanka Petrova has a PhD in Computational Linguistics. She is also the author of some articles dedicated to the problems of the Bulgarian syntax and semantics. She speaks English, German, Russian and Portuguese.
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Questions and Answers
Bulgarian lessons for foreigners.

1. How long has the business been operating and how did it start?

We have been teaching Bulgarian language to foreigners since 2005.

2. What is your company's mission?

Our Language School provides a comprehensive range of language services. We are committed to providing enjoyable and dynamic courses here in Bulgaria, where our students find friendly faces and a warm welcome awaiting them. Our qualified tutors are all native speakers who share our vision, and who have many years experience teaching all levels and age groups. We provide quality language training for Bulgarian as a foreign language, at a time and place to suit your schedule.

3. What does your company specialize in?

Bulgarian language courses.

4. Who is the founder or owner of the company and briefly describe his/her past activities?

Erna Angelova has a Master’s Degree from the University of Plovdiv "Paisii Hilendarski" in Bulgarian philology with a specialization in Linguistics. She speaks English, Russian and Armenian.

5. What is your most popular travel package and why?

"Bulgarian for foreigners".

6. What is the best compliment you received from a client?

"I can honestly say, in 4 years of language tuition at Oxford University, that I have never had a better language teacher."

Reviews and Comments
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 1  William Stock / Intensive Bulgarian lessons
I spent two very full and enjoyable weeks at this school in September 2009, filling in the gaps accumulated in my Bulgarian language skills. Erna proved to be an excellent and very patient teacher, targeting the weakest points in my knowledge and resolving them. I felt that I made significant progress during the course and plan to return to Plovdiv for more of the same - preferably once again during the Bulgarian Theater Festival, which provided a wonderful backdrop to learning the language. Despite the ... view more extensive ground covered during the course, the overall atmosphere was calm and relaxed, thanks to the careful organization and attention provided by the school.

 2  Hilary Byrne / Study Bulgarian in Plovdiv
My partner and I spent six months learning Bulgarian with Boris and Erna, and I can honestly say that it was some of the best language tuition we have ever had – and as language students, we have spent an awful lot of time in classes!! What’s more, it was great fun. I am usually quite suspicious about anything advertised online, but after contacting Boris, I felt totally at ease with the idea of traveling to Plovdiv – initially our plan was to remain in Sofia.

I am SO happy we made the move! ... view more Boris and Erna are excellent teachers, with the patience of saints (a must when you’re trawling through the finer points of Bulgarian grammar!). We came to Bulgaria to learn Bulgarian from scratch, having a background in Russian.

Despite their superb command of English and Russian, Boris and Erna never allowed us to get lazy – after the initial lessons, EVERYTHING was explained through Bulgarian, which for us was the best way to learn the language- total immersion! As we progressed, our classes focused more on conversation and debate, which personally I have always found the most difficult aspect of language learning – due to my fear of sounding like an idiot I suppose!

I needn’t have worried – we always had so much fun during class! Grammar exercises aside, going to class was like meeting a friend for a good chat. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed or learned so much in class. If you want to learn Bulgarian, there is no question: The is your best bet.

 3  Dale Gerdemann / Advanced Bulgarian classes
I come from a language background. I'm American and work as an Akademischer Rat (like an assistant professor) at a German University in the field of computational linguistics. It happens that in our department we have a lot of Bulgarian students. And it also happens, by some twist of fate, that I have a Bulgarian girl friend. So, I've interest in learning Bulgarian for a number of years.

In the summer of 2008, I had a free couple of weeks, with my kids and girl friend all being otherwise ... view more occupied. So I searched the Internet for language schools in Bulgaria, and landed on the M15119 in Plovdiv. I wrote to Boris, and he wrote back quite enthusiastically that the school could provide me with lessons and even find me a very economical and friendly place to stay.

But the best part was that Boris offered me a teacher, Ivanka Petrova, who was a PhD candidate in computational linguistics at the University of Plovdiv. Ivanka turned out to be a real language expert, with a great ability to inspire. So after my trial lesson, I knew I would like it and I signed up for the package of 50 lessons. I worked hard during these lessons, and learned a lot thanks to Ivanka. Just because I come from a language background doesn't mean that I have a magic ability to learn languages. I certainly got befuddled as anyone else would. But Ivanka helped me through, and made the lessons fun with her creative teaching. So, I can highly recommend language lessons at this school, and I hope I will make it back there myself someday.

 4  Raph Clerkin / Learn Bulgarian on-line
My wife Wendy and I bought a holiday home in Bulgaria in 2005 and quickly realized that although it was close to a ski resort (with English spoken widely), the local village folk spoke none whatsoever! I was therefore faced with a choice: continue pointing and shouting (in English, of course) in the time honored Western/British/ foreigner abroad tradition - or try the lingo!!! I proceeded to buy the usual book from Amazon which helped me to begin the challenge of a foreign language - and an alien alphabet. ... view more Needless to say, like thousands before me I got totally bored and virtually gave up.

Then I discovered this School on a quiet day at work. That was about 3 months ago and already I'm beginning to feel like a scholar after about 15 lessons only!! My tutor Boris, is very keen to ensure that not only do I develop a sound knowledge of the basics and grammatical structure of the language, but he makes it fun as well. Boris has a kindly and patient manner with a great sense of humor which makes learning very easy and enjoyable. I'm very confident of being fully conversational after 12 months.

I think that the whole concept of learning a foreign language on-line is utterly brilliant and the School seem to have exploited it with aplomb. My experience has been so good so far that I can't imagine ever getting bored or giving up, as it could in no way be described as a chore. You arrange your sessions whenever suits - in my case Boris has been totally flexible, which fits in with my unpredictable working regime very well indeed.

 5  Sara Alam / Study Bulgarian in Plovdiv
Bulgaria, for me, was a land of the unknown. I was intrigued by the place, and I intended to conduct an anthropological study on Bulgarian Roma. When I found and contacted the school, Boris's responses were amazingly prompt and friendly. Boris is an incredibly engaging, supporting and hilarious teacher!

The lessons are so much fun; if all French teachers at secondary schools taught like him, everyone in England would be fluent in French! As well as teaching me Bulgarian, he helped me find ... view more accommodation and helped me find academic contacts and research localities. Without Boris and his school, I would have been utterly lost. Thank you!

 6  Kevin Johnson / Learn Bulgarian on-line
I've tried to learn Bulgarian through "How to" books and by listening to recordings. This is not how to learn a foreign language, let alone a complex language like Bulgarian. I enrolled in this school and Boris became my teacher. I learned more in 2 lessons than I did from hours of reading my old books. Furthermore, I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. Boris is knowledgeable, kind, patient, flexible, and most importantly, he makes learning fun.

 7  Stephen Moran / Study Bulgarian on Skype
I began language courses in Sofia in August of last year. After I left Bulgaria to return home I was determined to pursue the language further. I investigated some local options but found them either too expensive, too basic or without the necessary flexibility that I required due to my work. Luckily I discovered your school's website.

I was delighted to find that you offered tailored courses that suited my level, my schedule and my pocket. I managed to incorporate intensive courses into an ... view more already hectic daily routine and what's more I enjoyed every single minute of it! Throughout my courses I was most ably instructed by Vanya in both the language and culture of your country. She deserves the very highest of praise and I have every intention of resuming classes with her. Your service is top class and one that I would wholeheartedly recommend. Keep up the good work!

 8  Carl Henrik Gilbu Rekdal / Study Bulgarian in Plovdiv
I strongly recommend this Language School for all who want to learn Bulgarian. After a six week intensive program in winter 2010, I have improved my command of the Bulgarian language significantly. My progression in Bulgarian was much better at this school than at a summer school in Veliko Turnovo. The private lessons enabled the teacher to adjust the training to my level.

The highly professional teachers Boris and Erna are friendly and helpful. They will assist in finding good and inexpensive ... view more accommodation if you choose to stay in Plovdiv, the most beautiful and historically most interesting region in Bulgaria. In addition to the language training at Mastylo, I learned a lot about Bulgarian history, culture and literature. I had a wonderful time during my language program in Plovdiv!

 9  Kenneth Kuehnle / Study Bulgarian in Plovdiv
Two years ago I decided that I wanted to go to Bulgaria and study the Bulgarian language and culture yet I had absolutely no idea where to start my search and as always the case in today's modern times the internet is usually the best place to start. I typed "intensive Bulgarian language courses in Bulgaria" using the Yahoo search engine and among some of the results that I received was this School.

I viewed the institute's web site and must say that I was quite impressed and I of ... view more course wanted to know more so I decided to write an e-mail to the school. Promptly within a short period of time the director of the school Boris Angelov answered my e-mail and I must say that I was quite impressed with a quick response. Boris came to meet me at the airport in Sofia and took me to Plovdiv, he also helped me find accommodation in Plovdiv as well, in other words there was not anything that I could have not asked Boris in helping me to get to know Plovdiv better and for that reason alone made me come back to study for a second time at this School.

I must also say something about my teacher Vanya Petrova. She was wonderful! I learned so much from her it was amazing and I would highly recommend her to anyone because she has an incredible dynamic fun method of teaching the Bulgarian language and she will always be one of my favorite teachers simply due to the fact that during both my two visits to the institute in a period of one year (each period lasting three months) I was so impressed with her teaching style as well as how Boris helped me with any dilemma/problem I had while I was in Bulgaria.

To put everything briefly into one short and simple message - if you want to study the Bulgarian language in Bulgaria then by all means chose this school and I guarantee you will not be disappointed at all!

 10  Jonathan Kotcheff / Study Bulgarian on Skype
Finding quality Bulgarian instruction overseas is always a challenge, but trying to fit evening or weekend language classes into an already packed schedule can be an even bigger one! That’s why I was really pleased to discover this school. Not only do I have a highly qualified teacher suitable for my advanced level, but the convenience factor is hard to beat: with the time difference, I can do my lessons at home in the morning before heading off to work.

The Skype method is great. The sound quality ... view more is crystal clear and the chat feature allows the instructor to type words or explanations directly to your screen. My friendly teacher Erna speaks very clearly, has a great sense of humor, and takes a real immersion approach, avoiding the use of English translations and forcing me to deduce the meaning of Bulgarian words. Highly recommended!

 11  Kathy Rankin Simpson / Study Bulgarian in Plovdiv
I began studying the Bulgarian language with Boris Angelov soon after arriving in Plovdiv. I am extremely pleased with him and the other instructors at the school. Although we are working through a curriculum, instruction has been individualized to meet my specific needs. After sixteen months, I can carry on long conversations. With preparation and notes, I am now able to teach Bible study lessons without a translator. Bulgarian friends and perfect strangers often comment about how well I can speak Bulgarian ... view more after such a short time. I highly recommend Boris and his school.

He is both professional and personable. As a social worker, I have especially appreciated his willingness to speak about the culture, as well as the language. He has been an invaluable resource as I try to understand the societal norms and learn to live here. And last, but not least, he’s just plain fun. We have lots of laughter along with the hard work!

 12  David Simpson / Learn Bulgarian in Plovdiv
My wife and I have studied at this school with Boris Angelov for 18 months. When we arrived in Bulgaria we only were able to pronounce the Cyrillic alphabet and say a few words. Boris has been a great professor. We are now able to carry on meaningful conversations for several hours in Bulgarian. We also read and write with both the upper case and the lower case letters. Our continuing lessons help us increase our vocabulary and improve our grammar. Boris has a wonderful understanding of English and American ... view more culture. This makes it possible for him to help us understand the nuances of Bulgarian that are not strictly literal.

The texts and resources he uses have been appropriate to our needs and level of language development. He is also kind, patient and a wonderful person. I feel blessed to be able to study with Boris. I highly recommend it to anyone who desires to learn Bulgarian with a personalized approach.

 13  Ann Morrison / Learn Bulgarian on-line
I have been a student of this School in Plovdiv for 3 months and I am very happy with my progress in learning Bulgarian. I live in the UK, so I have my lessons via the internet and this works very well for me. The lessons are always interesting and the tutor is very patient. I feel like I am in safe hands. I will definitely continue with my Bulgarian lessons, and I hope to attend the School next summer for an immersion course to further improve my Bulgarian.

 14  Peter Blackstock / Study Bulgarian in Plovdiv
I studied with Vanya for 5 weeks last Summer and enjoyed every moment! Not only were the lessons fun, they were extremely well-focused and Vanya was always flexible. I had learned a little Bulgarian before, but Vanya quickly cemented my basic grammar and without going too fast, we got through all of the elements of Bulgarian grammar, as well as looking at literature in the original language, linguistic texts and older forms of the language.

Vanya is an excellent teacher both for advanced students and ... view more for beginners – she is friendly and extremely well-qualified. I can honestly say, in 4 years of language tuition at Oxford University, that I have never had a better language teacher.

 15  John Lindley / Study Bulgarian in Plovdiv
I would recommend Boris to anyone considering learning the Bulgarian language. He is patient, speaks excellent English and knows how to put his lessons across in an informative and interesting way. He also has a good sense of humor and is very approachable; not only that but his fees are very reasonably priced too. If you embark on a course of study with Boris you will also have the added benefit of gaining an insight in to Bulgarian culture. He is also a Liverpool supporter - well nobody is perfect!

 16  Cecily Willard / Study Bulgarian in Plovdiv
I have been studying Bulgarian for several months. Truly the language is difficult for me, but I am learning and improving my Bulgarian language skills as I work with Boris. Boris is a good instructor for me. Although he makes me work very hard, he encourages me and spurs me on. I really do enjoy my language lessons!

 17  Margaret Murray-Tait / Study Bulgarian on Skype
Six months ago after spending 3 holidays in Bulgaria and finding myself fascinated with the country, I decided I would like to learn the language. I found the School through Google search and was impressed by the testimonials on their website. The process of enrolling for lessons was extremely simple and within a short time I was meeting up with Boris for early morning coffee on a weekly basis (via Google Talk.)

The language was somewhat daunting at first but Boris with his friendly yet professional ... view more manner has succeeded in making the lessons fun and they are definitely never boring. His command of the English language both spoken and grammatical is excellent. I have to add that Boris possesses a virtue so seldom found in men - unlimited patience! I am happy to recommend Boris and his School to anyone interested in learning Bulgarian.

 18  Linda Taelemans / Study Bulgarian on Skype
While we bought a house in Bulgaria and discovered that in most cases people could not understand any language but Bulgarian, I started to learn the Bulgarian language. First I began with books like "Bulgarian for foreigners" and the necessary CD’s for pronunciation, but soon this was not enough. I needed somebody to communicate with and to explain the grammatical part, while this is hard to learn only with a book. While I was surfing on the internet I found the M15119 in Plovdiv. Immediately I ... view more made an appointment for a trial lesson. It was fun and soon I became a regular student of Boris. Every Friday we’ve met on Skype and talked about all kind of things and also about the difference between Belgium and Bulgaria.

Boris can bring his lessons with a lot of humor and I always enjoyed it a lot. Because I only had time for 1 lesson a week, he asked me to prepare a conversation for the next week (even it was a short one) which was also very instructive. He also gave me a lot of homework to practice the grammar. Now I’m working in Bulgaria and my colleagues told me that I speak Bulgarian pretty well. Anyway I miss my lessons with Boris and as soon as I’ve a little more time, I will restart to complete the Bulgarian language.

 19  Peter Hansen / Study Bulgarian on Skype
There was a time when you learned a language from your parents, from books, tapes or a local teacher. These days you can learn from a local in the country of the language you wish to learn. From my home, twice a week I log onto Skype for Boris to teach me Bulgarian from Plovdiv in Bulgaria. How good is that? Apart from learning the grammar, verbs and vocabulary the sessions exercise my brain. The exercise works like physical exercise, other parts of my life and thinking are improved. As I struggle with these ... view more unfamiliar things Boris patiently applies various respectful approaches until I get it, which I must admit would be a test for any teacher. The sessions are enjoyable with all the information supplied by the school.

 20  Huang Pei Fang / Study Bulgarian on Skype
Boris is a very crazy person. But the more you know him, the more you will like him. I was a crazy Bulgarian fan, I still am. So everything that involves into Bulgaria attracts me a lot. That is also the reason why I learn Bulgarian. There are many Bulgarian learning sites. No doubt everyone cares about the fees. I visited some of them, but Boris was the only one I wrote to.

No doubt, what I concerned the first was the affordable fees. The first free demo class with Boris, I knew he is a reliable ... view more person then we started our lessons. During class, I can say Boris is a very patient one and his English ability and abundant knowledge help me not just learn the Bulgarian but also understand more about the culture too. I have to say I really love to have class with him, even he always push me to translate from Bulgarian to English. Right now, Boris is trying to quit smoking. So I will watch you!!

 21  Cheryl Watterson, Karl Bartlett / Study Bulgarian on Skype
We have been learning Bulgarian for almost a year now and we couldn't have asked for a better teacher than Boris. We look forward to our weekly lessons with him because he makes them fun and interesting and is extremely patient with us when we can't remember what we learned the previous week. He also has a wicked sense of humor. Boris rocks!!

 22  Susan Wilkins / Study Bulgarian on Skype
After studying Bulgarian language with Cd's, books etc., for 3 years I felt I had reached as far as I could on my own. I enrolled with your School for 10 lessons to see if this was a way forward. My teacher is Ivanka, I find her extremely helpful, encouraging and her techniques for explaining the grammar to get it into the old grey matter is great (it actually works).

My lessons are through Skype which I was apprehensive about at first, but Ivanka soon made me feel comfortable. I soon realized ... view more that you cannot learn a language from books etc alone. Ivanka has explained grammar terms in ways that books cannot. I have had 20 lessons to date and will be booking more as soon as I can arrange them. I am missing our lessons which are fun, especially when my spoken Bulgarian word is foreign to Ivanka. Also the homework, I cannot get enough of this. I not only have a tutor but gained a friend also. I can highly recommend this School with distant learning through Skype.

I have progressed so much that I impress Bulgarian friends when I visit Bulgaria with my knowledge. Even sending emails in Bulgarian, some of which were word perfect. I have Ivanka to thank for giving me this confidence. Thank you Ivanka very much. Also thank you Boris for the School. Keep up the good work!

 23  Amanda Lees / Bulgarian lessons
Having studied with Boris for a mere matter of weeks, I already feel that I have made enormous progress. Although we conduct our lessons via Skype, Boris's enthusiasm and encouragement are all too clearly transmitted and form an invaluable part of the experience. Erudite, witty and entertaining (in spite of the apparently abysmal quality of the average Bulgarian joke), Boris peppers his teaching with cultural references and provides a fascinating insight into the Balkan mentality. Best of all, he makes me ... view more laugh! Plus he is giving up smoking – quite a feat in a country where a cigarette permanently clamped to a lip is practically a fashion accessory.

 24  Bobby O`Driscoll / Bulgarian lessons at the M15119
I decided to learn Bulgarian last January. I bought a very good study book and proceeded to teach myself each night. Into chapter two, and I was finding it very difficult, as I had many questions and no one to answer them. Then, while surfing the net and on a site called My Bulgaria I came across a reference to M15119 to learn Bulgarian "one to one". I contacted Boris and my lessons began via Skype. I have to say that I have learned so much in the last two months with Boris that I am even starting to ... view more feel confident. Now to make it even better, I have just returned from a holiday in Sunny Beach Bulgaria and I have been told (by a Bulgarian) that my pronunciations are very accurate, which I credit to Boris and his attention to detail. His lessons are very thorough but are carried out in a relaxed and humorous way. The lessons are very flexible and Boris will do his best to fit the lessons around your schedule. If you take up lessons with M15119, not alone will you not regret it, but you will enjoy it, and you can rejoice in the fact that you are learning from a native Bulgarian, and a gentleman. Who could ask for more.

 25  Aglae Simoes / Bulgarian lessons in Plovdiv
I am studying Ethnology in Bulgaria for 10 months, and so I am learning Bulgarian. Classes with Boris are very nice because it's more than learning one language, it is also understanding Bulgarian people, understanding history of Bulgaria, expressions etc. Inside language, we can understand people. Before living here, I didn't know Bulgarian, only some words. I progress with my courses, with my Bulgarian meetings. I don't speak very well Bulgarian but I am living here without problem for the ... view more daily. Going to these courses is always a pleasure for me: working in the good atmosphere. In the beginning, I thought that it will be difficult to learn Bulgarian via English (I am French and my English isn't so good), but Boris finds always solution for that I understand.

 26  Allison Jahn / Bulgarian lessons on-line
Tutoring through M15119 has been so easy! I had trouble finding a tutor in the US for Bulgarian. Thankfully Boris was quick to respond to my initial email. His flexibility allows me to fit tutoring into my busy schedule. We have had productive lessons over the Internet, and usually too much fun :) I am glad that I found M15119 and would recommend this tutoring service to anyone who wants to learn Bulgarian.

 27  Martin de Schrijver / Bulgarian lessons on Skype
I have searched some places on internet and in my hometown in Holland and this is the perfect solution for me. The flexibility is very high so you can schedule the times with Boris when you want your lessons. The book used by Boris is by far the best one I know (and I have seen some). And, also very important, Boris is a very pleasant person to work with. His open mind and his feeling for humor makes it a pleasure to work with him. And, the level of the lessons are very good. Don’t think its only making ... view more jokes with Boris. He knows to give you homework very well. He keeps you busy in this way. So, all together a school I can recommend to everybody who wants to learn Bulgarian in a professional and personal environment.

 28  Marc Geinoz / Bulgarian lessons in Plovdiv
I am a Swiss guy from Geneva, my native language is French and I am currently living in Bulgaria. I want to learn Bulgarian language in order to be able to communicate with the people here. First I was a bit pessimistic about online lessons, because I have never tried such a method of learning. I decided to give it try, I live 10 minutes away from M15119 so it was up to me to decide if I will go to the classroom or stay at home. I found that the lessons online are the better option. There is really no ... view more difference from normal lessons, I even find it more comfortable for me because it saves me some time to prepare myself and go to the school even if its not so far away.
My teacher Boris is a very positive person which helps me a lot in this hard task. He is very experienced in teaching Bulgarian, has a lot of patience and humor and each lesson is a pleasure for me.

 29  Susan Jensen and Carsten Bjerre / Bulgarian lessons in Plovdiv
Since we started a year ago, we have not only learned Bulgarian, we have also made some really good friends. Boris and Erna are very good and professional teachers, and they really understand how to motivate their students, and they teach with humor so that the more complicated Bulgarian grammar becomes a piece of cake! We highly recommend the Mastylo language school!