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Cheesehead in the Big Apple. Hey there! I'm a Mid-Westerner (from Green Bay who moved to New York City 12 years ago and has been a licensed tour guide for over 6 years. I'm a down to earth, knowledgeable, funny guy (yes, I'm also an actor here in NYC) and would love to take you and your group on a custom tour around this fantastic city. Check out what my last Infohub tourists, Jim and his 11 year old son Josh, had to say in a follow up email: "Joshua had a great time and really wants to go back. He had a lot of fun and had nothing but praise for you and everything he learned...We may get back to NYC sometime next year...we will be sure to ring you up!... We had a blast!"

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 1  Janet Holte / Travis was a 10 on all points
Travis was a 10 on all points. He went beyond what we expected and made us feel very "at home" on our trip.

 2  Alexis Pyle / Verified User Review
Travis was wonderful! Unforgettable experience!!