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M15191 focuses exclusively, on cycling, walking and golfing holidays in the Eastern Pyrenees in the South of France and north east of Spain. The exception to this is our ‘Italian special’ where we follow the Giro D’Italia in the Alps and Dolomites of Northern Italy. France is the world’s top holiday destination, and the reasons which have allowed this magnificent country to achieve such an enviable status are all to be found here in the deep south. Apart from the legendary food and wine, the mountains and wilderness, the warm Mediterranean sea, the charming local people and the almost limitless leisure activities, it is the deep sense of tranquillity and safety from the horrors of the world which brings guests here again and again. That’s why we chose this area. You’ll have a wonderful time, and return home fully refreshed. Isn’t that what a holiday is all about?

The area is almost free of crime and has a small but friendly population, like Provence was thirty years ago. The lodge is named after the wild boar which abound in the area, and which we often encounter on our rides and walks. Being right on the border we can enjoy the cultures of both France and Spain. There are no irksome border posts in the mountain passes; you'll only realize you're in one country or the other when the language changes.

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