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The 6 passengers is a scuba diving center in Rangiroa: an immense coral ring located at 350 km from Tahiti. It is the largest Polynesian lagoon, 67km by 26 km… Rangiroa is part of the Tuamotu archipelago, which consists of 78 low islands or atolls.

The Team. Founded in July 1995, the club belongs to Ugo Mazzavillani, an Italian who fell in love with Rangiroa and Tanguy Bonduel… The crew of dives guides, all government-licensed, are directed by Fred Lhermitte, and change according the tourist seasons. The crew also includes a secretary and three boat drivers who guarantee security from the surface.

French Polynesia is a widely spread out territory, covering a surface area of 3673 square kilometers (about 2,000 square miles), emerging from the very heart of the South Pacific Ocean. One hundred eighteen islands making up five archipelagos extend over a region as large as Europe.

The interior lagoon provides the main resources for the two-thousand inhabitants that live in Rangiroa on the main "motu", a strip of land cut off by two passes. Black pearl farms and fish traps are the main activities. Because there is at least one airplane every day between the atoll and Tahiti, traveling there has become easy. The main attractions are water sports and deep-sea fishing.

All-day excursions to the blue lagoon, the isle of reefs, or the pink sand beach are highly recommended...

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