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Since M15306 was founded in 1995, it's hard to count the number of students who have told us that M15306 has become their home away from home. We are much more than a special place to improve your English. What really makes a home special is the people and it is the quality of our people that keeps so many of our students in touch with us long after finishing their studies. Living and studying in a foreign country can be difficult. You can never feel at home without people who are committed not only to your academic success but also your personal experience. These are the type of people you'll meet at M15306. M15306 is particularly proud of:
- Its Great Location
- Its Strong Academic System
- Canada's Best Homestay Program
- Its Community Interaction

The City of Mississauga is truly the center of education and business in Canada. There are 8 universities and 10 technical colleges within an 80Km radius of Mississauga's city centre. More than 40 Fortune 500 corporations operate their Canadian head offices here. Mississauga's fibre optic and communications infrastructure is one of the best in North America. The median household income in Mississauga is almost $8000/year higher than in Toronto, Canada's biggest city Mississauga also has a higher proportion of post-secondary graduates than Toronto.

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