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Welcome our company, a tour agency of highly qualified guides. The Rheingau is one of Germany's most beautiful wine-growing areas. Numerous castles, manors and monasteries are located in the marvelous Rheingau landscape along the river Rhine. It's the place, where the "Riesling" grows, one of Germany's most outstanding wines.

I don't want to be only a guide for you! During your travel I prefer to be your friend and share my knowledge with you. When we visit old castles, monasteries or locations I want you to feel the history behind it. I can tell a lot of old legends and sagas about the places we go and I try to make them alive for you. You will get all kind of solid information in an enjoyable manner. I want you to enjoy your trip and give you a reason to come back with your friends. There are so many beautiful things to discover in Germany, especially the Rhine-valley, Bavaria and Austria and I can guarantee a professional and satisfying organization of your tour. I've got guiding-certifications, some years of guiding-experience as well as references.

Visiting the Rheingau should come along with a wine-tasting! The well educated guides of our company organize and guide your visit corresponding to your individual demands.

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 1  Bruno Bonavitacola / Verified User Review
I was very pleased and satisfied with this tour. The guide Mariam was very friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her services.

Bruno Bonavitacola

 2  T.W. Leiser / Verified User Review
We can say we were particularly impressed with the tour, the service, and their competence. Although we were a relatively small group, everyone in it was extremely complimentary about the day in the Rheingau. Sadly, we do not often have 10 visitors at one time to Germany or we would be frequent users of Rheingau Tours.