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M15411 was started to offer a unique riding experience to all sports bike enthusiasts visiting Thailand. Whether you are flying in from Europe the USA or dropping by from SE Asia or Australasia, we aim to offer you the opportunity to really improve your bike skills with as much track time as you can handle. The company is owned and managed by long-time expatriate riders who offer unequalled experience of riding and track days in Thailand. Your booking and any enquiries will be dealt with by efficient and competent English- and German-speaking staff.

Due to the strict insurance rules and track congestion in other countries, a track day experience can seem fairly regimented and full of do's and dont's. Because we really limit the number of participants, we can run a much less prescriptive programme. Go out when you are ready for as long as you want. If you want to wheelie the start finish straight, go right ahead! We allow for mistakes: one crash won't necessarily end your day. Providing you can continue, we will do our utmost to get you back on another bike.

Our staff instructors are all FIM International A-Grade licence holders with many hundreds of hours experience around Thailand's tracks. They will be available all day for as much or as little help and advice as you want to receive. We will normally try to focus on an individuals strengths and weaknesses rather than having a "one size fits all" methodology. Whether it be, braking, lean angle or steering issues, we can help!
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 1  Mehul Patel / 3 Day Track Rinding Package
"Thank you everybody for a great time. I had a blast."

 2  Narve Hoel / 3 Day Track Riding Package
8-10 visits (lost count) and keep coming back.......nothing more to add really :-)