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My name is Jason Schroeder and I will be your guide back into our past of many thousands of years. I am a stone circle builder, shaman and the creator of the Breemie Stone circle Mid Summer Festival. I live in Scotland amongst the Ley lines, Sacred stone circles and quiet places of universal power. Over the past eighteen years I have searched and wandered these places, purely for my own spiritual introspection and mystical wonderment. As it is with most sacred places they are not easy to find or have been tampered with for various reasons. Since 1999 I have been offering a very personal private tour to some of these magical places.

One of my aims is to allow you to relax and get the most out of your tour. Let me negotiate the local customs and contend with the unfamiliar network of miles of winding country roads that lead us to our magical hidden destinations. Sit back and relax, so you can allow all your senses to awaken and take in all the atmospheric surroundings.
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Questions and Answers
A personal experience connecting the past to your present which is tailored to your dreams.

1. How long has the business been operating and how did it start?

I have been taking people to these Sacred Places since 1999. It started as I thought that there must be people like me who are interested in these hard to find ancient sacred places. I had had spent many years finding them and there was nobody offering this service and still isn't.

2. What is your company's mission?

To support people connect with the sacred of the past in the present within themselves.

3. What does your company specialize in?

Personal day tours to Aberdeenshires sacred places of antiquity. Stone circles, Pictish symbol stones and hill fortifications etc.

4. Who is the founder or owner of the company and briefly describe his/her past activities?

Jason Schroeder is the founder and owner. His past activities include being a Ceremonial Leader in Purification and Renewal Ceremonies, visionary of the Breemie Stone circle Festival and creator of new stone circles for this time.

5. What is your most popular travel package and why?

Day tour to a mixed selection of sites. Many people do not know the local landscape and trust me to be able to tune in to their needs and dreams of their experience.

6. What is the best compliment you received from a client?

If you want a dream become a reality Jason is your guide.

Reviews and Comments
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 1  Margaret Langston / Stands out as the most extraordinary!
Hi Jason,
Thank you for the pictures. I had no idea you were recording my day with you and I really appreciate that you did. They are a visual reminder of the wonderful time I had that day.
When I look back on my trip to Scotland, it was the day with you on your tour that stands out as the most extraordinary.

First of all for your personal commitment to keeping the history and stories of these circles alive and secondly, for embracing the stone circles and Pictish stones as part of your ... view more journey so that you could guide me as a seeker on my spiritual journey. I appreciated that you left a project that day to take me on my tour and that you also spent a very long day with me, much longer than you maybe had anticipated.

In that first stone circle, I received downloads of information and an atonement to some other dimensional energy. The energy work I have done since has reached far beyond any I have done before. I particularly loved the East Aquhorthies Stone Circle; I think you called it the Grandmother Circle. There I had a sense of two high energy beings in front of the flanker stones on either side of the recumbent. I think I mentioned that to you.
The highlight of the day: the sun beginning to set as I walked the labyrinth and the Breemie Stone circle. What a huge undertaking it was for you to move forward with that vision and what an achievement to have actually manifested your vision, moving tons of rock to do it. I have beautiful pictures of my experience in the labyrinth and circle and I hold you in high esteem.

Thank you for the wonderful day, for allowing me to connect with the circle energies and to take as long as I needed to do this and for the wonderful connection I had with you.
Thank you, thank you for the wonderful day.

Margaret Langston, DiPT,CEMP,RT-CRA
Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner
Healing Pathway Practitioner
Reiki Master/Teacher
Pre Paid Legal Associate

 2  Debbe Goldberg / Sacred and Stone Circle Tours of Aberdeenshire, Scotland!
The day with you was one of the highlights of my journey. I wish I had had a bit more energy-so much to take in, maybe next time it will have to be a 2 day trip.

I had a wonderful journey in all. I learned a lot about myself and how I relate to the world and am attempting to hold on to the changes I made subconsciously. On my journey I will only be accompanied by those with a positive attitude and a yen for adventure.

Thank you for your time, knowledge and effort on my behalf.

 3  Sondra Cherico / I want that kind of highlight as well!
Hey Jason,

I am sending another note to you and asking for the benefit of your knowledge. We will be in Scotland on the 24th of May and to Aberdeen on the 25th. It is my wish to have you take us around to the sacred places.

My sister-in-law, Zite Hutton, highly recommends spending a day with you and going to the sacred sites and the stone circles near Aberdeen. She says that her day with you was the highlight of her trip and I want that kind of highlight as well.

Thank you,

 4  Regina Elliott-Dougherty / You need to experence this at leats once inyour life!
Three girlfriends and I went on this stone tour. It went far beyond my expectations of greatness. I experienced a connection within myself that I will carry for the rest of my life. In things that have touched my soul this is in my top five. Becoming a wife and mother twice come first. Jason is a relaxed well informed man. I am a lover of history and he knows his stuff. I plan on going back in a few years with my children! This tour with him is a must, I had a blast!

 5  Lin Dunbrack / Stone Circle Healing Tour
Hi, Jason,
This message is long overdue! I finally had my photos processed and wanted to share this one with you, with SO much gratitude for everything, the whole day, the ceremony and all the residual waves of being stirred in
relationship with a kindred. Your mischievous trickster wisdom was just the right language to soften the hard places of resignation in me where a new view was just waiting to be birthed. You are a beautiful soul, Jason and Roger and I both treasure the time you shared with us. ... view more

All good,

 6  Tom Wildgoose / Stone circle tour
We had a very peaceful and refreshing day with Jason seeing all the stone circles in and around Aberdeen. We found Jason to be a very amiable guide and listened to what we wanted to see and do. The day was then planned around this. The last stone circle we visited was the one at Breemie. Jason and some of his friends built it recently and is well worth a visit.In all, a day to remember. (a note to Jason) if you ever find yourself in the peak district give us a call, we are in the phonebook.
all the best