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Base of operations: Trinidad and Tobago
We offer guestroom accommodations, seminars and tours for persons interested in pan and calypso, the musical culture of Trinidad. We are committed to welcoming people to Trinidad to better appreciate the source of the only acoustic instrument invented in the 20th century, the steelpan (also known as the steeldrum). We want the world to meet the inventors, pioneers and innovators of pan and to learn from them.

We want to spread the joy of pan music to all who visit us. Calypso and pan go together like bread and butter. We will introduce you to the icons of calypso and pan. Whether you are a professional musician or a professional music lover we offer a program for you.
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Questions and Answers
M15634 welcomes you to the rich culture of Trinidad and Tobago.

1. How long has the business been operating and how did it start?

Cathy and Clyde George share a passion for calypso and steelpAn. In 1999 they created the Diego Martin Pan Institute to help spread their love of steel pan and calypso.

2. What is your company's mission?

To introduce the world to steel pan and calypso.

3. What does your company specialize in?

Steel pan and calypso.

4. Who is the founder or owner of the company and briefly describe his/her past activities?

Clyde and Cathy George are a Trini-American couple married in 1978. Clyde is a world acclaimed jazz steel pan artist. Cathy ran Space Inc Travel age NYC for 30 years. In 2008 she became a yoga master and instructor.

5. What is your most popular travel package and why?

Trinidad Carnival is the 3rd most popular carnival in The world. The excitement, the costumes, the music, the energy and the love fill this small island for weeks before ash Wednesday.

6. What is the best compliment you received from a client?

Thank you for showing us the best of the Trinidad culture.

Vacation Packages offered by supplier M15634
Steelpan Music Festival in Trinidad and Tobago
Enjoy Bach, Beethoven, and Rachmaninoff on steelpan at the Steelpan Music Festival. You can combine the 2 gifts Trinidad and Tobago has given to the world in one wonderful week.

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USD 710 / Per person
Tour Package
Festival Tours
Cultural Journey
Duration: 2 - 30 days
Season: January - December
Trinidad and Tobago

Carnival Tour, Trinidad and Tobago
Experience the culture of the rich island of Trinidad during it's carnival season. Enjoy the calypso tents, the party fetes, the panyards and the soca energy of this land.

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USD 1150 / Per person
Tour Package
Festival Tours
Duration: 3 - 21 days
Season: January - December
Trinidad and Tobago

Study the Steelpan in Trinidad 10% off.
Learn to play the steelpan from the inventors and innovators of this wonderful new instrument created in Trinidad.

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USD 105 / Per day
Vacation School
Folk art
Season: January - April
Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad Panorama Tour
Pan Players of the world can participate in Panorama, study straight ahead jazz on pan and learn tuning and pan making from Trinidad Masters.

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USD 3198 / Per person
Vacation School
Music instrument
Season: January - December
Trinidad and Tobago

Reviews and Comments
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 1  Ana Marsden / Carnival of Trinidad
Words cannot express the gift you have given me by opening your home and hearts to me. I have not felt so loved and so well taken care of in a long time. I take so may good memories home with me and thank you for making sure I experience the true essence of Carnival and the culture it arose from. Till the next time. Blessed Love, Ana

 2  Matthias Hanke / Our visit
Thanks a lot for your hospitality and the great unbeatable breakfast. All the best to you. Enjoy Carnival again and again.

 3  Antoinette Florian / Carnival of Trinidad
Thanks a lot for your welcome. This carnival was our first and we will keep amazing memories by your love of calypso, Clyde, Calypso Rose for steel-pan. Baby and his so good breakfast. Thanks Jasmine to take care of us and bring us for our first Jouvert experience.

 4  Guilherme Bragan├ža / A wonderful visit
Dear Cathy, Clyde and Baby,
What can we say? We had a truly very special time with you. We felt at home from the beginning and we think this was the perfect place for us. Thank you so much for allowing us to experience and live the rich Trinidad culture. It was amazing to meet Clyde and the other musicians and to feel their love and passion for music and life. A real positive vibe and very contagious we felt here. We will take calypso and pan music with us to Portugal and spread this special rhythm.
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Thank you for the wonderful food you cooked for us. You are an amazing cook. Thank you also for your smile and for letting us feel that you were always there for us. Thank you Clyde for blessing us with your music. It meant a lot to us and it was an honor to meet you.

Cathy, thank you for so much. We were very lucky to find you and you are most welcome in Portugal. We really must say that we leave Trinidad feeling more spiritually and culturally richer and stronger and these will be part of us now.

 5  Peter Carstensen / great time
Thank you very much for everything. We are happy we found you on the internet and booked our first days with you. It has been very nice being your guests and many thanks for your hospitality and good introduction to steel-pan and calypso music. Clyde, you are a great musician and it is a really a pleasure to listen to you and also to see how you enjoy playing. Cathy, you have started our intern in Trinidadian music and you do know a lot. Baby, we very much enjoyed your delicious cooking and I do lover your ... view more shadow-beni sauce. We had a great time at your place, enjoying Carnival and it is nice to have you as friends. If you are ever in Sweden you are very welcome to visit us. It is also nice that you all came to see us at our boat, Sampo. We will always remember the friendly atmosphere and you are all great persons. Also it was great to actually meet Lightning, Gypsy, lingo and Funny in person.

 6  Joy Lin / Carnival of Trinidad
Thank you so much for everything and for looking after us during Carnival. The guesthouse is beautiful and comfortable and centered for all our needs. Baby\'s food was awesome and we can\'t thank you guys enough for the hospitality and kindness that you\'ve shown us for the week that we stayed. Clyde\'s music is enchanting and thanks for the patience to teach us all about steel-pan. Thanks for everything, Cathy, that you\'ve done so much for us and you\'re welcome to come to ... view more Melbourne whenever you like.