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Welcome to M15650. Here, we work to live our mission every day. We do it by creating a community of students, faculty, staff, and families every year. Everyone has a role in this community, everyone is important, and everyone is appreciated.

M15650 is situated in a spot of surpassing beauty next to the Rappahannock River, one of the Chesapeake Bay's great tributaries. Our school began and continues as one of the Episcopal Church Schools in the Diocese of Virginia. We welcome students of all faiths to this community, founded on traditional ideas of education as a lifelong pursuit, service to others, truth, self-discipline, and honor.

We exist to serve young people here and now. The professionals in our community are committed to helping our students develop purposeful lives that have meaning for themselves and for others. We are here to carry out our mission of college preparation for every student, recognizing the unique strengths of every boy and girl. We promise to see all members of the community as one-of-a-kind and valuable in-and-of themselves.

We do everything together here. We cheer for each other, support each other, communicate with each other. We sing together, share meals together, and go to study hall together. We play sports together, go to Chapel together, take advisee outings together. Our families are part of M15650 too, and always welcome here. It's a real community, an exciting place, a place that takes you in and makes you a part of a life-changing experience. Come join us.

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