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Glenn and Cameron Broughton are a husband and wife team who have operated a small and personal tours and conference company for the last eighteen years. They see their personally-led tours to sacred sites and crop circles as flexible journeys or personal pilgrimages that are fun and joyful as well as meaningful and educational.

Glenn is English and has been a researcher and tour guide to the sacred sites of England for eighteen years. His insightful understanding of ancient sites, earth energies, crop circles and underground water make him a sought-after regular presenter at the top earth mysteries and crop circle conferences on both sides of the Atlantic each year. During his years of visits to sacred sites he has discovered many secrets hidden in the landscape that he is keen to share with you. He has had various articles on sacred sites and crop circles published on both sides of the Atlantic where he regularly gives presentations. He has also appeared on television and radio shows talking about both subjects. His passion and enthusiasm are infectious!

Cameron is a ‘people person', leading her into the roles of massage therapist, healer and mother. She is also a spiritual seeker and adventurer, passions which took her into the realms of travel and self-discovery. These two sides have come together through M15667, co-facilitating tours. This work is an opportunity for her to support individuals on their journey to wholeness whilst sharing her passion and love of the mysteries. They have also sponsored the Earth Spirit Conferences in Vermont for the last ten years bringing together experts from around the world to share their knowledge and explore the interface between the environment, the Earth and spirit.
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