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M15783 - Biblical tours with a Personal Pastoral Touch, led by Rev. Dr. John DeLancey, pastor and author of the newly-released Devotional Treasures from the Holy Land. If you are searching for a solidly biblical, evangelical, and life-changing tour to Israel, I'm glad you found this site. I look forward to sharing my personal friendship and ministry with you!

Rev. Dr. John DeLancey operates as the tour leader for M15783. Having studied in Jerusalem for one year as an archaeology student, and having led 24 previous Israel tours, travelers gain from his experience and knowledge of the land.

He also has written a book, "Devotional Treasures from the Holyland" (March, 2011). His trips are designed to not only instruct and teach about the land of the Bible, but also to inspire people in their walk of faith. Dr. DeLancey is an ordained Evangelical pastor who presently serves the Stoneridge Covenant Church of Allison Park, PA. He has been pastor of Stoneridge for 14 years.
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Questions and Answers
Pastor-led Christian tours of the Holyland with Dr. John DeLancey, specifically to Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, and Rome through a ministry called "M15783."

1. How long has the business been operating and how did it start?

1995. Dr. DeLancey has led 24 previous tours to Israel, and has been a one-year archaeology student in Jerusalem.

2. What is your company's mission?

Our mission is to provide a solid biblically-oriented tour of the lands of the Bible through a guided tour of archaeological and biblical sites. Each tour provides people with in-depth insights into the land, culture, and history of the Bible. Every trip is a life-changing experience!

3. What does your company specialize in?

Biblical tours to Israel, as well as other lands of the Bible: Jordan, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, and Italy.

4. Who is the founder or owner of the company and briefly describe his/her past activities?

Rev. Dr. John DeLancey. Pastor DeLancey has pastored for 23 years in MN and PA. A growing portion of Dr. DeLancey's ministry is to lead study tours to Israel.

5. What is your most popular travel package and why?

In-depth study tours to Israel is the most popular tour offered. Dr. DeLancey will be leading 6-8 tours to Israel in 2013 alone, providing options of itineraries.

6. What is the best compliment you received from a client?

One previous traveler wrote: "I can't say enough about Dr. DeLancey's leadership and insights he offers on his tours. Each day was so rich with natural beauty, historical "wow's" and biblical insight. There was adventure that satiated my boyhood desire to be Indiana Jones. There were moments where I felt that God was literally going to speak from the clouds. The scholarly richness yet personal touch that Pastor John offered each day was amazing. John worked beautifully with his Jordanian and Israeli colleagues to create moments of education that were artistically inspiring. When you add in the richness of Pastor John's leadership, humor, and historical insight I must say it was a tremendous bargain. I feel blessed to have chosen John to be my guide. As one independent tour operator said to me at the airport, 'if you were with John DeLancy – you had the very best. He is in the top class of Israel guides.' She is right."

Vacation Packages offered by supplier M15783
Biblical Tours of Israel with a Personal Pastoral Touch!
Complete 10 Day Biblical Tours of Israel! The next two tours are July (with an option for an archaeological dig for 1 week), and Oct./Nov (with a 5 day option to Sinai and Jordan/Petra).

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USD 4300 / Per person
Tour Package
Biblical Tours
Duration: 10 - 15 days
Season: July - November

Reviews and Comments
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 1  John and Vivian Cline / Israel Travel with Dr. DeLancey
Pastor John,

We want to thank you for making our trip to Israel one of our best vacations in our life. The details were well-planned. The flights were comfortable, the tour routes, the accommodations, the great dining, and the congenial group were the best we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. The whole trip was truly a God-led experience.

Shlomo and our driver were very knowledgeable and professional. We felt very safe and taken care of at all times. We will never forget Shlomo's ... view more songs. We are still hearing in our minds the songs on the bus, especially the song "The Holy City" that was played over the speaker system as we rode the first time through the great City of Jerusalem . That sight and sound was a true blessing and it will forever be in our memory.

Pastor John, you helped bring the Bible to life. You "connected the dots" of biblical history for us. We will never be the same, nor will we ever read or hear God's Word in the same way. We are already finding it easier to understand stories of the Bible having the background that you and Shlomo taught us. We were fortunate to have you two men who have great depth of knowledge in Israel's history.

We shall never forget our visit to Israel and the new friends that we made on this trip.

 2  Jim and Betty Lynch / Tour Experience on Dr. DeLancey's latest Israel trip!
Our trip was beyond our expectations in many ways. The cost was competitive and all-inclusive as advertised. The size of our group (20) provided much flexibility, personal attention, and allowed a very relaxed, comfortable feeling every day. Members of our group became close friends, sharing many experiences. The accommodations were wonderful. The rental phones were very reasonably priced (compared to personal cells with international capability), and being able to check at home without extreme phone costs ... view more helped to make our trip more relaxing.

Prior to departure, Dr. John DeLancey and Mira at Creative Travel (the agents used) were very helpful; although many questions we asked were basic/silly, they were always patient and thorough.

We were amazed at how many sites Pastor John was able to fit into our schedule for a wide variety of experiences. He also made each site special by reading related scripture, leading us in special worship services, sharing his expertise in archeology, and/or singing. His guitar and wonderful voice was a bonus!

We always felt safe and well cared for. Also, Dr. John DeLancey’s level of expertise, as well as his impeccable attention to detail, made our trip very smooth and special, helped us understand the Bible in 3D, and helped us to grow spiritually.

We would highly recommend any tour of the Holy Land with Dr.John DeLancey. We would also like to encourage you to make a trip to the Holy Land a top priority on your list. We wish that we would not have waited 25 years to go and experience God’s chosen land, to walk where Jesus walked, and to “feel” the Bible and the land. We have both taught Christian classes for many years; and we both, now, have a considerably deeper understanding of so many things. We plan to return to the Holy Land, and we wouldn't consider going back with anyone other than Dr. John DeLancey.

Betty & Jim Lynch