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M15817 is located in Turkey. Our staff is experienced professionals amalgamated from other agencies and hotels from around Turkey. We are friendly, extremely knowledgeable and always available to help. Our tours and itineraries are prepared in accordance with the views and critics of more than 6000 tourists.

What we can do with our online site, booking information and consultant services we are able to handle your requests on a global scale either via email, fax or phone. We are always available and encourage any questions.

Service we are dedicated to providing the very best in quality service. Our team is a wonderful group of travel professionals all with their own specialized areas. You can be sure at least one of us has the knowledge that you need. Our tours have been tailor maid with this knowledge and our quality of service is next too none. Through out Turkey we offer tours, hotel bookings and transportation within turkey and to neighboring Islands.
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 1  Subhash / Great tours by Murty!!!
Murti as he is known in the travel trade has a great passion in whatever he does and his success story spreads across continents from Australia to India. He unravels the secrets that Turkey has to offer by customizing tours which suit every budget, experience and lifestyle. This makes every visitor to Turkey wanting to come back for more. All the best to Murti and his team for great work done!!! 3 cheers....