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Welcome to M15828, a company that will introduce you to Andalusia in the south of Spain. The scenic beauty, the culture and its history makes this part of Spain unique.

It’s a dream to ride here with a bike on the beautiful roads and its varied scenery, the programme includes expeditions (trips) to and in wildlife areas, exotic villages and a visit to the historic city of Granada.

The aim of my company is to let you escape from daily reality to enjoy the change here in Andalusia.

From the moment you land at the airport you will be our guest and as a host we will take care that your stay will be a nice stay in the south of Spain. We are not a guide that just will do his job, but more a motorbike friend that will ride these days together with you. Besides that we drive in service of the group while keeping everyones personal wishes into account.

Every season is different, also here in Andalusia. But also every group is different. We listen very well at the wishes of the group to make this motor bike vacation an unforgettable experience. We don’t drive on any time schedule and there is enough variety to make nice tours every day.

Most of the time we will ride in the interior of the country to places and villages that are kept in their original state. We take our siestas en pauses often in places that are typical Spanish. Now we are the tourist attraction because tourists not often visit these places.

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