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Judith Tripp, MA, MFT, is a Transpersonal Psychotherapist, workshop leader, musician and Labyrinth facilitator with Veriditas. She founded Women's Mountain Pilgrimages in 1986. She has led the Women's Dream Quest at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco and other locations for 19 years and offers Pilgrimage to Avalon, a yearly trip to England.

The way of the circle is the way of the soul. My psychotherapy practice, dream quests, pilgrimages and music each reflect ways of coming home to what is awake and alligned in each of us. In the circle we have the opportunity to see each other clearly and simply. Living in the circle we communicate from the heart. Held by the circle, we reach high into the transcendent realms of sky spirit and deep into the rich immanent realms of earth spirit. Connected, we remember our purpose and gifts.

My workshops, Dream Quests and Pilgrimages utilize meditation, prayer, music and the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth to create an environment in which individual growth can take place.

My psychotherapy practices takes these same principles into the realm of dialogue and seeks to heal the wounds of the past that keep us from our true natures. My music calms and inspires that growing true nature.

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