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The motorcycles we ride, dual-purpose, enduro-style, lightweight bikes, are eminently suited for the terrain in Southeast Asia. This region is filled with so many mountains and so many curves that only infrequently do we hit speeds exceeding 100 kph (60 mph); maneuverability and durability are our utmost concerns. In addition, the road system here is not up to Western standards, so sooner rather than later you will be thankful you are riding a machine that glides over rough ground. Our bikes have consistently proven themselves time and again on the toughest roads in the most remote regions in Laos and Cambodia. A mechanic accompanies every motorcycle tour and he will have your bike warmed every morning, oil topped, chain lubed, tire pressure checked, and even the morning dew will be wiped off your seat and tank. By not having to worry about your motorcycle's maintenance, this frees up 100% of your time to fully enjoy the pleasures surrounding you.

Our bikes await to carry you on fantastic odysseys through Thailand's GOLDEN TRIANGLE, or to their famous BEACHES, or you might want to consider LAOS, ANGKOR WAT, BURMA, VIETNAM, or BORNEO as possible motorcycle tour destinations. Our tours are designed to fit perfectly within the standard, one or two-week holiday: They conveniently commence on a Monday or a Tuesday allowing participants to finish up a workweek before flying to Asia. They finish up on a Friday, giving you enough time to return time home and sleep off an exhausting but re-energizing holiday.

Every participant gets their own hotel room for privacy and convenience. Every itinerary lodging choice is the finest available in each region. Every meal will be a feast as we dine in restaurants acknowledged to be the best in the area, and you'll have ample opportunities to sample as many as regional specialties as possible. The food in Asia is fantastic, a trip highlight for most, and I am constantly on the lookout for new taste sensations to introduce to participants.

All tours are accompanied by a local tour guide whose job it is to point out all he knows about the region we are visiting. If a participant has a particular area of interest, whether it be culture, cuisine, architecture, religion, etc., our tour guide will make sure to help you explore your topic of curiosity in greater detail. We strive to stimulate minds as much as bodies.

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