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Ou company specialises in small group tours (2-7 people) in luxury air conditioned vehicles.

The owner has extensive experience in the industry, and previously handled groups of up to 25 people on overland trucks. He believes that travelling in small groups has many benefits, from choosing campsites to preparing meals. The guide can also spend more of his time on the individuals needs, making your trip even more memorable.

Most of the tours we offer are available in either a camping or accommodated format. Camping is a unique way to experience Africa, and many people are surprised just how luxurious camping with us can be. We use spacious, luxury, canvas dome tents that sleep 2 people comfortably. The tents all have inbuilt mosquito netting and ground sheets keeping the bugs at bay! Each person has their own inflatable mattress for a great nights sleep. You will not be expected to put up your own tent, or inflate your mattress, that's our job! We also equip each tent with a night light, and each person has their own torch, so there is no fumbling around in the dark. All campsites have good ablution facilities, shops for basics (film, snacks, water) most also have swimming pools and bush bars. At some locations on camping tours we will stay in backpacker accommodation, in these instances the rooms will only be shared by other members of our tour group. For accommodated tours we stay in carefully selected luxury bungalows, chalets, timber cottages and lodges.

Sitting around a campfire as the sun sets at the end of a long day, while your meal is prepared for you is a really wonderful part of travelling in Africa. Most of the cooking during the camping tours will be done over an open fire, or gas stove.

The tour leader has years of restaurant experience and really takes a pride in his cooking, he will be assisted by the other members of the team, so you can sit back and reminisce about the days events.

Breakfast is generally cereals, toast, yogurt and fruit, but there will be a few days when you will get a bacon and eggs treat!Lunch is often done en route at sheltered stops, and usually consists of sandwiches, salads and cold meats and cheeses etc. Evening meals are well prepared balanced meals, containing all your essential food groups.

For the luxury accommodated tours our evening meals will be at carefully selected gourmet restaurants and traditional African restaurants. You will still have the opportunity to experience some traditional campfire foods at some of our more remote locations, and this is a highlight for many people.

We do cater for vegetarians, and those with special dietary needs, but it is essential that you let us know in advance.
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 1  Christine Kyleigh / Garden Route Tour
Thank you both for such a wonderful Garden Route Safari. I am so glad I booked with your company, I could not have had more pleasure than I did with you both. It really was the best tour I have ever taken and will be a warm memory for me for years to come. And thanks again for picking me up for Kirkenbosch Gardens, I really appreciated your kindness.

All the very best to both of you for a happy future. Nothing can compare to the week I spent with Gemma and Linkie seeing all those animals. Really a ... view more once in a lifetime experience.

Christine Kyleigh from Canada (Garden Route Tour 2006)

 2  Flavia Clarence Smith / Namibia 2006
We're happy that you are thinking of using Linkie's company to visit South Africa. We (the two of us and our two teen-age children) traveled to Namibia with him and his partner Gemma during the Christmas holidays. We can certainly recommend their services to you. They were highly knowledgeable about the geography and culture of Namibia, and Linkie was Mr. Magic on a few occasions: in the national park we were able to see practically all the game we wanted to see, even though it wasn't the best ... view more season for seeing game; we had a wonderful trip to the Namib desert where Linkie got the services of a very knowledgeable local guide who was a friend of his and who was a mine of information; and we were royally wined and dined every day despite being in the desert and in areas where no shops were in sight... And throughout they always kept a high level of enthusiasm. Linkie was also very flexible: we wished to see an area which was recommended to us for some fossil plants and we were immediately accommodated in our wishes. The whole trip was unforgettable, and my kids keep boasting about it to their friends. We plan to go back to Southern Africa and will certainly go back to Linkie and Gemma for more adventures!

 3  David and Maureen Lim / Kruger and Garden Route
Truly Africa provided a great value holiday - from 3 days in the Kruger Park to the four days, customized Garden Route. Our journey was eminently flexible, allowing us to adjust time spent in specific locations. Gemma and Linkie, our guides, were knowledgeable, friendly and provided a very personalized trip. Don't sign up if you prefer to be bus-ed around in large groups and large hotels, hate asking questions, and want to have a hour-by-hour itinerary! DO sign up if you want to explore little nooks and ... view more attractions in S.A, have lots of questions about S.A's history, culture and sights. We would recommend Truly Africa to others.

 4  Jill Sasse and Ryan Brooks / Namibia Tailor Made Photographic Safari
We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our personal tour of Namibia. After searching for a packaged tour and not finding it, we were happy to find that you were willing to customize a tour based on our interests. You worked within our time constraints and put together a wonderful itinerary. We were especially pleased with the accommodations. We stayed at many unique places and we were happy with each one. One highlight of the trip was visiting Etosha National Park. The number and variety of animals that ... view more we saw was unbelievable, and Linkie's knowledge of the park added to our enjoyment. Although he couldn't guarantee which animals we'd see, he came through and found them all! We also really enjoyed Linkie's dinners around the campfire. His South African specialties and warm hospitality won't soon be forgotten.Thank you for making our first trip to Africa a wonderful experience. We hope to be back soon!