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The River Rover's crew

Gordon and Margot, dedicated yachters are the founders of the company and the core of the team that includes Thai captains and hostesses. Six years ago they gave up their businesses in Cape Town and sailed their 42-ft sloop to Madagascar, the Maldives, the Seychelles and Chagos. They arrived in Phuket three years ago and have lived here ever since.

Margot and Gordon

Gordon Williams, originally from Bournmouth, UK, and Margot Brache, from South Africa, met 20 years ago in Cape Town. After many years of successful dinghy racing, competing in and winning many national and international championships, they sold their respective businesses six years ago and bought a 42-ft fiberglass sloop Aries, on which they made a 3-year voyage to Phuket.

Phuket is famous for its white beaches, its classy resorts and its tropical nature, but did you know that there is still a very much unexplored side to this beautiful island and its surroundings? We offer tailor made packages where either we suggest the route to take or you can select one of our many predefine cruising routes. For our cruising routes check the day trips or live boards.
Discover the magnificent Phang Nga region in Thailand on a Yacht Charter which will show you the real unspoilt beauty of the "Land of Smiles".

While the less fortunate are being herded through Phang Nga Bay with hundreds of other tourists, the discerning traveller can be exploring remote magical islands, small secluded beaches and secret lagoons. This is the real Phang Nga, away from conveyor belt tourism.

Whether it is for just a one day trip or several days cruising on our yacht "Pita" or one of the Sailing Yachts in our fleet, you will appreciate the tropical scenery which is exclusive to this part of the world. Come here and marvel at the hundreds of dramatic limestone rock formations that rise vertically like fairy tale castles from the land and sea.

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