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M16546 is a PADI-resort, which means that we maintain high quality standards for all diving we offer to our guests, safety in diving and equipment are absolute priorities.

Therefore we only use first-class materials, regulators, BCD'S, shorty's etc, are mainly Mares which is a first quality brand in the diving industry. Next to that we made sure to employ a staff of excellent and very dedicated dive-masters (all PADI certified) and maintenance technicians.

Divers of all levels are welcome at M16546. Please take a look in our guestbook for the comments of divers who have been there before you. Next to our "dive-shop", we have our M16546-café where you can relax after your dives, compare your experiences with other divers and have your lunch between dives. Dinner is also possible. Our friendly staff says "selamat datang" to you and is looking forward to welcome you with your morning coffee, your mixed juice or your "Bintang besar, yang dingin sekali!" (a very cold beer).

For all our courses and introductions to diving we use our own swimming pool, this pool, situated in our "Taman Sari", is exclusively used by our divers. After your dives and courses you can also relax here.

Our multilingual staff and management (Indonesian, Dutch, German, English, French and some Japanese) is at your disposal.

During nearly 5 years we have worked under the name "Eurodive".
After our decision to continue our diving operation as sole owners we changed our name into: "M16546", which enables us to bring the quality of our dive operation to an even higher level.

With the new name "M16546" we bring a tribute to the local fishermen who hire out their Jukungs to us whenever we need them for our diving operation. By doing so we offer the local population an extra form of income, next to fishing and the traditional salt making and which gives them extra job opportunities for now and the future.
The Jukung is Bali’s traditional small craft. The hull is a bright painted tree trunk, and the outriggers are made of bamboo.

The vessels seat up to three inline. All boats must have eyes: a fisherman would no sooner go out on the water in a jukung without eyes, than he would if he were blind himself. Although many still run sails, those at Amed often use small outboards, with a prop at the end of a long shaft. With over ninety boats, the Amed fishermen are well organized in a group called Mekar Sari. When diving, the ‘president’ is briefed on the number of divers. Within a couple of minutes the required amount of boats show up. The divers are sailed to the right spot and while drift diving accompanied by the Jukung, which simply follows the bubbles at the surface.

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