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M16591 is owned managed and run by Dean Liprini an independant researcher of sacred sites in South Africa. He has recently published his first book "Pathways of the Sun - Unveiling the Mysteries of Table Mountain and Beyond" compiling his 16 years of research. Dean has focused his study on the astronomical wisdom enshrined in a number of sacred caves, springs and geometrical marker-stones, this study is known as archeoastronomy. However Dean is also known as a Geomancer, who has also researched the Metaphysical aspects of these sites, the healing potential and earth energies that encompass these sites, often working alongside Traditional Healers like Credo Mutwa an African High Sanusi. Dean Liprini has also been interveiwed on local and international Television, and given many talks on radio and given lectures across South Africa, the UK and USA.

Our company offers visitors a special unique experience taking people off the mainstream tourism routes of South Africa, to places that allow one to not only truly feel the beauty of the nature that surrounds one, but also to experience the Spirit of these special places. Tours are tailored for each person or group. Day hikes and Full Moon experiences around these ancient sacred sites are also form part of our events.

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