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M16654 specializes in tour packages to Latin America (Central and South America). The company was formed with the express design of catering to today's better informed, more demanding and sophisticated travelers.

The information age has brought about profound changes in the travel and tourism business, providing direct access and endless information for travel. This new phenomena introduced a myriad of challenges for professionals providing tour products. When speaking of exotic regions such as Latin America we find that, albeit folks may gather their own information on potential travel plans, they nevertheless will require expert direction and guidance to ensure that the programs selected will deliver on their expectations.

M16654, while also providing traditional packages, distinguishes itself from most other tour operators with our "designer-like" approach to building itineraries for both, groups and individuals. Unlike many of the mass market tour companies, our credo speaks to delivering on the specific expectation of each traveler that we handle. To do so, we employ only qualified and knowledgeable Destination Specialists to handle each and every tour package we assemble. Be it a basic stay put in Rio de Janeiro or Costa Rica to the most complex eco or cultural adventure, you are assured of unmatched attention to detail that will ensure that your expectations are aligned with what the destination has to offer. Welcome to LTD!

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