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Our Mission:

Our mission is to spearhead the effective development of sustainable tourism in Russia.
• We strive to accomplish this with a comprehensive strategy that encompasses running professional ecotours, which support a range of non-profit activities.
• We develop and implement strategic ecotourism programs for local governments and Nature Reserves in different regions of Russia.
• We train Nature Reserves and local travel agencies in sustainable tourism practices.
• We provide local communities with economic incentives for conservation by introducing environmentally friendly small business programs.
• We educate the Russian general public about conservation issues through regular use of mass media, workshops, seminars and conferences.
• We increase global awareness of Russian Nature Reserves and ecotourism potential via books, articles, films and an Internet presence.

Our Projects:

• Ecotourism development in the nature reserves of the Russian Far East, funding of the USAID-WWF, 1996 - 1998.
• Establishment of environmental education centers in the Far Eastern nature reserves, funding of the USAID-WWF, 1996 - 1998.
• Development of ecotourism in the Altay-Sayans ecoregion, program ROLL (Replication of Lessons Learned) of the USAID - Institute for Sustainable Communities, 1999-2000.
• Consulting services for the project: Preparation of the Ecotourism Development Program in the Teberdinsky nature reserve, organization of the Environmental Education Center. GEF, Environmental Education Center "Zapovedniks", 1999-2000.
• Consulting for the project "Development of Environmentally Sustainable Tourism in the North Caucasus", funding of the USAID-ISC in the framework of the ROLL program, 2000-2001.

Our People:

M16728 is run by a group of scientists and experts in travel management. Since the opening of the Soviet Union, our members were among the first to organize ecotours and expeditions for foreign guests, including field trainings for students of European and American universities. For every tour, we work closely with scientists and staff from the protected areas we visit, from directors to the rangers.

We have personally researched and traveled every route that we offer. For this reason you can trust us and count on us for a safe and memorable experience.
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