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M16753 is a private company that owes a horse farm for breading of riding horses.
We have developed:
• Several sport entertainment programs (group interest packages that include a number of sport activities – rock climbing, caving, fishing, archery, and shooting);
• A number of Eco- and cultural packages that focus on: bird watching, photo safaris, visits of Neolithic and Thracian sanctuaries, presentation of the folk traditions of the Rhodope mountain region, local cuisine and wine tasting.

Our main focus is the various adventure programs for horse riding (riding services per hour, stationary rides, 2-3 days riding programs, 8 – 14 days post-to-post trails.
The foreign visitors have a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Bulgarian nature with our holidays that could also combine week riding in the mountain with week rest at the seaside.

M16753 is a word preserved from the past times that we choose as a name of our company. It stands today for the bond we feel with our ancestors well known in the early Middle Ages for their horse riding skills. M16753 also became our symbol of love and respect for the wild nature for it is the ProtoBulgarian word for the lasso, the rope that tames the wild stallions.

Our horse farm is located in the western part of the Rhodope Mountains. We established our farm here, because it is a unique mountain that once the meditation schools in India considered one of the seven Holly Mountains in the world.
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