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The M17003 is a mountaineering company specializing in ascents of Ecuador´s highest volcanic peaks and trekking across the country´s wildest high-altitude landscapes. M17003 provides a hassle-free climbing experience for the international climber. You can choose from intensive climbing itineraries that are packed with Ecuador´s most spectacular and challenging peaks or just join us for one or two ascents.

While we cater to experienced climbers we also offer climbs for novices who want to learn or perfect their climbing technique. M17003´s climbing school ensures that you are comfortable with a wide range of glacial techniques such as knot tying, self-rescue, crevasse rescue and navigation. Our usual client to guide ratio is 2.1 3.1 advanced. Our company's founder and director, Ramiro Donoso, has eighteen years of experience scaling the most challenging glacial peaks in the Andes, as well as Europe. He speaks fluent English, French and Spanish.
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